Get Rich Quick!

With money on everyone’s minds–what we have, what we’ve lost (in the stock market and because of a lay-off or a slowdown in our businesses) and what we might or might not earn this year–it’s easy to start fantasizing about Get Rich Quick schemes that will rescue us from our current fate. I thought I’d offer three of my own.

  1. Take Inventory. If your focus is on what you don’t have or might lose, shift your attention and appreciation to what you do have. Go beyond your material possessions to relationships, health and the can’t-wait-for-spring-to-come flowers sprouting in your garden. (A bunch of yellow daffodils sits atop my desk as I write this.)
  2. Get Organized. Each day, clean out and organize one spot in your home and/or office. It might be a junk drawer, closet, filing cabinet or car. Removing the clutter will help you feel and think better and you just might find a wealth of supplies, opportunities and other items you forgot you had. Box up those good business clothes that no longer serve you and donate them to a worthy organization, like Dress for Success.
  3. Focus on Others. One of the fastest ways to raise your vibrations and put things in perspective is by helping others. Take some time to volunteer at a shelter, school or other good cause. Need help finding the right place? Check out Volunteer Match.

To your abundance!

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