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Are You a Woman Entrepreneur or Professional Looking for a Competitive Edge?

  • Are you struggling to attract more ideal, profitable clients and business opportunities?

  • Feeling overwhelmed, out of focus and unproductive?

  • Have you lost the passion in your work?


Believe me, I know the obstacles and rewards of being an entrepreneur and professional woman. I’ve run my own public relations firm since 1988, promoting the success of other small businesses. I’ve reached lifelong professional goals—like writing a book—and personal goals, too—like being a mom to twins and owning a family beach home.

When I face typical business challenges and opportunities—like attracting ideal clients and making strategic decisions—I rely on simple strategies called universal principles. That’s why I wrote "Working with Wisdom: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs" and started my Working with Wisdom speaking and training business in 2006.

I’ve mentored entrepreneurs and business leaders just like you for more than two decades and I’m committed to supporting your professional and personal success. Through short-term, one-on-one Wisdom Mentoring I will show you how to capitalize on the power within you to achieve your goals faster and easier—so you can attract ideal clients and business opportunities, make more money and enjoy your life.

Read about how I supported the success of my mentoring client, Janet.


Are You Ready to Achieve Your Goals with Wisdom Mentoring?

This three-month, one-on-one Wisdom Mentoring package is designed to turbo charge your business success by giving you powerful tools and strategies you’ll implement right away. If you work with a coach, our time together will complement that work.

Wisdom Mentoring helps fulfill my life purpose, which is: Through support and by example, I inspire others to follow their dreams and live joyfully on purpose.

It begins with a phone conversation at 770-565-1231 to see if this program is a good fit for you.


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Wisdom Mentoring Works!

“Tricia Molloy helped me to see that nothing is impossible in my business, if I am clear about what I want and confident that I will get results. Within a few weeks, following her advice, I attracted my first client at the full rate I deserve. Tricia holds a sacred space for you to become more centered and focused on what’s most important and, at the same time, have fun with the process. She is a friend and a mentor, but more than anything a woman that is here to help others achieve greater things through working with wisdom.”
Rev. Mercedes Guzman,
Childhood Regression Practitioner
Talk 2 Mercedes


"Tricia has helped me solve business issues many times and inspired me to begin the speaking career I’ve always dreamt of. Her ideas are creative and easy to implement. She just has the common sense to see the situation as it is, not as we make it sometimes."
Desiree Scales
CEO of Bella Web Design, Inc.


“Tricia is a savvy business woman who knows how to use her intuition. I have never failed to gain insights after speaking with her and I keep 'Divine Wisdom at Work' handy for quick reference. She knows how to give practical and inspired advice in ways that connect with and motivate me."
Laura Raines
Freelance Writer


"Tricia Molloy is a remarkable individual who has been called to a great mission – bringing spiritual principles to leaders at all levels and inspiring them to utilize them both personally and professionally. She works with a dedication and passion that is truly rare. Tricia is also a person of great character and compassion who strives to balance humility with achievement, friendship with professionalism, and spirituality with practical insight."
Jim Huling
CEO of The Huling Group