5 Ways to Turn Resolutions to Reality: CRAVE Your Best Year Yet!





Do you tend to set goals or New Year’s resolutions and then get distracted and discouraged and drop them within a few weeks? Most people do. This time will be different.

Over the years, I’ve found the five powerful strategies from “CRAVE Your Goals!” to be the key to turning resolutions to reality. I’ve used them to grow my marketing and speaking businesses, write my “Working with Wisdom” book, and guide my children.

At conferences and professional development programs, I’ve taught these CRAVE steps to organizations like The Home Depot, Verizon, Marriott, Walmart, Penske, Deloitte, GE and the Network of Executive Women. When I mentor professional women, we often start with these steps to help them get promotions, enhance their relationships, and achieve other goals that are important to them.

This SlideShare presentation is a simple reminder of the five CRAVE steps to help you achieve what matters most to you in 2016. To your best year yet!

Click here to view it on SlideShare.

I love to speak about how to create more balanced, positive workplaces! Learn more about my corporate and conference programs on achieving goals and improving work-life balance here. It would be my pleasure to present “CRAVE Your Goals!” to your organization.


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