Are You Asking Enough?

Through working with clients in my Wisdom Coaching program, I’ve noticed a common obstacle to success. Most people have a hard time asking for help. Many savvy entrepreneurs and salespeople, for example, are reluctant to ask supportive clients and colleagues for referrals. Or those working on committees find themselves burned-out because they choose to do more than their fair share, instead of delegating the duties.

If you’re not asking enough, take a moment to read this excerpt from my book, 
Working Wisdom.  

 Ask and It Shall Be Given to You
WwW Book

In The Aladdin Factor, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen encourage us to embrace abundance by identifying and overcoming our stumbling blocks to asking. These best-selling authors, famous for asking for stories to create their phenomenal Chicken Soup for the Soul series, say there are five barriers. These are:  

1) Ignorance (not knowing what is available or possible)

2) Limiting and inaccurate beliefs (our negative programming)

3) Fear (of rejection, looking stupid, endless obligation, etc.)

4) Low self esteem (feelings of unworthiness)

5) Pride (not wanting to admit we need help)

How many of these can you relate to and how many are you willing to release? I’ve found a common challenge for many entrepreneurs is asking clients and colleagues to refer business to them. This is true even when they seem to know that they do a good job and their clients are pleased. Start with something small, like asking two of your clients to refer you to someone who they know can benefit from your services, and see what happens.

By asking for the business, more money, a better deal, help, advice, referrals, or whatever else you need to advance your goals, you also encourage others to do the same. Each time you ask for help, when appropriate, make a point of asking how you might reciprocate.

Consider how the CRAVE formula can help you ask for what you desire and deserve. For example, craft an affirmation that reminds you that those you ask want to help and support you, or visualize people being enthusiastically receptive to your requests.

What will you ask for?   I love hearing from you!

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