Balance Begins with What We Say to Ourselves


Last week in Miami, I presented a keynote talk on improving work-life balance for busy Marriott sales professionals.

One of the strategies I discussed was how to use affirmations or positive self-talk. Balance begins with what we say to ourselves.

Listen to yourself talk and you will most likely hear complaints about what you can’t do, what you don’t have, or what’s not going right. “I have too much to do.” “I’m so tired today.” “No one can help me.” When you speak to yourself like a good friend or coach, you will find that those positive, empowering messages will support your success.

The rule of thumb when it comes to an affirmation is to make it brief, positive and in the present. That ensures you can easily repeat it and that it clearly communicates with your powerful subconscious mind.

One of my favorite affirmations is: “I have more than enough time and energy to get the important things done today.” When I remember to say it at the beginning of a hectic day — and sometimes I have to say it several times until it sinks in — something happens. I become more calm and confident. I begin to delegate and cross off the list things that shouldn’t be on there in the first place. By the end of the day, the important things do get done. Did you notice I didn’t say “everything on my to-do list”? That’s because I believe, for most of us, that’s an impossibility. But the important things do get done!

What skills do you need to master to achieve the goals that will lead to more balance? Do you need to learn new technology, ask for help, or manage your energy? Consider these three affirmations:

  1. “I am a student of technology.” This will give you the permission and patience to try and fail and learn without judgment and frustration.
  2. “I am surrounded by helpful people who appreciate and support me.” This will make it easier to ask others for guidance and delegate some of your responsibilities.
  3. “I love the way I feel after I exercise.” This simple reminder will get you out the door to the gym or for a walk so you can reduce your stress and recharge your energy.

What affirmations do you use to support a more balanced, fulfilled life?




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