Better Balance, Post Pandemic

As your employees return to the office, how will you help them be more productive at work and present at home so they can recharge?

Each time I speak about Better Balance to professionals at companies and conferences–either virtually or onsite–I encourage them to focus on three key areas.

1) Know why you want more balance. Keeping the reason in mind will motivate them to make changes. It might be so they can make it to more of their children’s little league ballgames or music recitals, keep up with their exercise routine, or get that promotion.

2)  Assess and prioritize your responsibilities. Inevitably, some things need more attention and others can be dropped or delegated. Consider hiring help for housecleaning and lawn care.

3) Develop habits that support better balance. They might practice meditation to be more mindful or clean out areas of physical, technical and emotional clutter that drain their energy.

Balancing work and life is a skill your people deserve to learn.



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