I love getting feedback from those who have been inspired by my “CRAVE Your Goals!” program. I always end my presentation by encouraging them to commit to three action steps related to the five-step CRAVE system. For example, they might commit to start a treasure map to activate the power of visualization, create an affirmation to support their goal, or clean out some clutter so they have the energy and clarity to move forward.

I recently presented “CRAVE Your Ideal Job!” at the Atlanta Marketer’s Career Forum. Mike Murtaugh was there and he followed up to tell me he was taking “baby steps” in the right direction. “I’m cleaning out the clutter, visualizing and expressing thanks,” he wrote. “My thought is if I can get those off the ground, then my Vibrations will be raised and I will be in a position to Affirm Success.” He’s so aware of following the CRAVE steps that he wasn’t completely surprised when he came across this concession stand at the Georgia World Conference Center. “Talk about in your face–front and center!” Looks like a God Wink to me, Mike. By the way, Mike is looking for a position as a marketing manager.

You can read more Working with Wisdom Stories here. I’d love to hear yours!

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  1. Lya Sorano Reply

    Brilliant! When I first saw the picture, I squinted to see if I could find you behind the counter, Tricia, even though I know this is not your color. 🙂

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