CRAVE Your Sales Goals!

We’re all in the business of sales, whether we’re selling our products or services, our ideas, or ourselves. 

During this pandemic, building business relationships and selling remotely can be stressful. As social isolation wears on, we run the risk of becoming complacent and less focused.

In any kind of sales at any time, a positive mindset is the key to success. However, it’s often easy to get distracted and discouraged.

When you use the five CRAVE steps, you become more clear and confident. I present virtual and onsite CRAVE Your Sales Goals! programs and coaching to kick-off an organization’s annual sales meeting or re-energize sales teams throughout the year. Here are some examples of how to CRAVE Your Sales Goals!:

Clean Out the Clutter
Physical, technical and emotional clutter get in the way of what’s most important. Discard the emotional clutter of dead-end sales leads to be aware of more ideal opportunities.

Raise Your Energy
Top salespeople who want to maintain a competitive edge recognize how important it is to stay healthy and strong, both mentally and physically. That includes finding a way to transition from work to personal mode so you can re-energize and enjoy more work-life balance.

Affirm Success
Long sales cycles and rejection can take its toll. Use positive self-talk to counter the negative messages that play in your head and increase your confidence and focus. Repeat a brief, empowering phrase like, “I am a professional problem solver” or “My clients appreciate my help.” Post it, say it to yourself and, when appropriate, say it to others.

Picture in your mind every step of a successful sales meeting or job interview to prepare yourself for one, and engage all your senses and positive emotions. Program your Reticular Activating System by creating a vision board filled with words and images that reflect your sales goals.

Express Thanks
It pays to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. When you sincerely express appreciation to your clients, team members, and colleagues, partners and vendors, they will often go out of their way to support you.

What CRAVE steps will you use to open more doors and close more deals?



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