CRAVE Your Way to a Brighter New Year


If you’re like most people right now, the fear and uncertainty you experienced in 2020 have left you drained and distracted. Who can think about resolutions when we continue to face so much adversity?

But that’s exactly why you should! Studies show when we identify what we have control over and take action, we build resilience and feel empowered. Do you want a new job, a promotion or more ideal clients? Is this the year you get fit, become debt-free or enjoy more meaningful relationships? How about resolving, dare we say, to have more fun in 2021? Your success begins with a positive mindset. 

Here’s a simple way to get back on the path to a healthy, wealthy and peaceful new year. Right click on this CRAVE graphic and save and print it. Post it someplace you’ll see every day, like your bathroom mirror or in your office.

To start, focus on one CRAVE step that will help you reach your goals. It might be turning your negative self talk into a positive affirmation or creating a vision board to increase your clarity, confidence and courage. You might clean out some office or home clutter or write in a gratitude journal a few nights a week to remember what’s going right. Or commit to daily neighborhood walks to clear your mind and raise your energy

Here’s how I can help! Click here to learn more about my onsite and virtual CRAVE Your Goals! leadership program for your organization. You can learn more about my CRAVE Your Goals! online course and download a copy of the CRAVE Your Goals! e-book here. I also offer individual and group coaching.


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