Define Success

How do you define success?

That’s the question I asked about 200 attendees at the Network of Executive Women New England Fall Learning Event in Boston last week. I presented Work-Life Balance Wisdom: Seven Smart Strategies for Less Stress and More Success. One of the strategies is Be Authentic.


When people aren’t honest with themselves and others about what really matters, they are destined to be out of balance. Defining success for you can improve your balance because it’s easier to make decisions and choose where to spend your time, energy and sometimes money.

So, what does success look like to you?

Is it reaching a certain position or salary within your organization? Achieving an advanced degree? Building a business that has a positive impact on its clients, community and perhaps the world? Owning a new car or vacation home?

Living and working on purpose? Feeling peaceful and content? A healthy body, mind and spirit? Happy children with good character? Being married to someone you love and respect?

Deep, rewarding friendships and mentoring relationships? Time to savor sunrises and sunsets? Is it all that and more?

Your definition of success will change over time and deserves to be carefully assessed on a regular basis. Often, you’ll find your success was inadvertently defined by others, like your parents, teachers, or people you were trying to impress.

Life is too short to be chasing someone else’s dreams.


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