Go with the Flow


I was flipping through my book, “Working with Wisdom,” as I often do for some inspiration and guidance. I came upon this excerpt from the “Stay Present: That’s Where the Gifts Are” chapter that brought me peace. Hope it does for 238you.


Learn From Nature to Go with the Flow
Just as important as learning to stay present, is learning to go with the flow. There are natural shifts in energy within all aspects of life, including relationships, health and business matters. When you are aware of and accept these ebbs and flows, you can use them to your advantage.

For example, when business slows down, instead of going into panic mode or choosing to work with clients who are less than ideal, take that opportunity to work within the business to prepare for the inevitable upswing. This is a good time to clean out files, update databases, and reconnect with old clients and valued referral sources.

Nature is one of our greatest teachers. Look to it for examples of the mission-critical qualities and skills you need to develop. Consider the patience of a seed, the persistence of a river, the freedom of a bird in flight, the creative expression of brilliant tropical fish, the adaptation of an orchid and the pure joy of your dog.


What strategies do you use to go with the flow? I love hearing from you!

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