Growth During Loss

As a positive mindset expert, I’m always looking for ways we can benefit from even the toughest times—like this pandemic. Could this fallow “incubation period” lead you to breakthroughs of creativity and reinvention?

In this thought-provoking TIME magazine article, Even If You Feel Like This Was a Lost Year, That Might Not Be True, author Joanne Lipman interviewed transformation experts on how we can make the best of what author Brene Brown calls this “middle space of struggle.” These scientists, psychologists and professors encourage us to use showers, daydreaming and trying on our “possible selves” to emerge from this crisis better than ever. I find talking with trusted friends, my “expert companions,” helps me assess new business offerings that are pandemic proof.

Consider this, from the article: “Isaac Newton was a Cambridge student, quarantined because of the bubonic plague at his family’s apple orchard, when he made some of his key discoveries about gravity. William Shakespeare wrote some of his most monumental works during plague outbreaks, including King Lear. Clearly, the plague didn’t make either of them geniuses, nor, sadly, will quarantine make any of us any smarter. But what it did do was create the space for thinking and dreaming, which allowed new ideas to flourish.”

What growth have you experienced during this traumatic time?



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