How to Tap into the Power of Optimism


You don’t have to be naturally optimistic. Optimism is an often learned skill that can help you get through even the most challenging of times. It’s worth the effort to develop that positive mindset muscle.

My friend and former firefighter Linda Willing wrote this blog post about “The Power of Optimism.” I hope these valuable insights on personalization, permanence and pervasiveness help you tap into your own power.

My own sense of optimism is always supported by where I choose to put my attention. After all, what we focus on expands and what we appreciate appreciates.

For me, I seek out the good news and good people all around me. I use positive affirmations to counter negative thoughts and rely on my gratitude practice. Spending time outside is a simple way to enjoy better balance and gain a fresh perspective. Those nature breaks will help you stay positive and productive, increase your creativity and problem-solving skills, and strengthen your personal and professional relationships. Do you take regular neighborhood walks, vacation at the beach or in the mountains, or tend to your garden?

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