Tricia Molloy’s powerful, employee-engagement programs will inspire your people to be more positive and focused so they can achieve their goals faster and easier.


Tricia Molloy’s ‘Better Balance’ program is perfect for emerging leaders! Demands of business and life are intense. Many corporate leaders and business owners hold a systemic belief that you just keep your head down and gut it out. When tomorrow’s leaders develop their skill set around work-life integration, they are able to evolve their careers as they take on more responsibilities. This thoughtful workshop is filled with compelling stories, creating opportunities for member reflection. The strategies are relevant and applicable, designed for commitment to new, productive habits and the ability to increase capacity. Tricia did a great job getting the group to look at their personal data and individual situations, then assess areas in life that are working and which ones need attention. It seems simple, but rare that leaders slow down long enough to develop this life skill on their own.”
Lisa Dugan, Atlanta Chair

Tricia’s ‘Better Balance’ virtual program hit a nerve with our people. With our personal and work days bleeding into each other, we were looking for ways to reduce the stress and get back on track. Tricia offered dozens of practical strategies we could apply right away. She interviewed a few of our leaders in advance and invited them to share their stories. That made the conversation especially relevant and compelling. I could tell how engaged everyone was because they all stayed until the end and by the full sentences in the chat box—often with multiple exclamation points!”
Linda Spinner, Director of Sales
LexisNexis | Risk Solutions

Ever since I established my law firm in 2014, I’ve offered team-building activities for my staff. Tricia Molloy’s fabulous vision board workshop took that to a new level. Tricia taught us the five CRAVE steps to achieving goals, guided us through the creation of our vision boards, and encouraged us to share our boards and the insights that came from making them. This energizing exercise allowed us to focus on what’s most important and claim it. We learned things about each other that we never knew. For example, I discovered that several employees want to buy their first homes and now I will introduce them to resources who can help them do that. For any business owner who wants to attract and retain people who are passionate about making a difference in their lives and the lives of others, I highly recommend Tricia’s empowering program.”
Cindy Nelson, J.D., Founder
Nelson Elder Care Law, LLC

We care about our employees’ wellbeing and wanted to provide tools to help them get through the coronavirus pandemic. Tricia Molloy’s ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ virtual program for our Developing U series was just what we needed. Tricia thought of everything—from providing a promotional video that increased attendance to interviewing employees ahead of time and incorporating them into the session. With her warm and friendly tone, she told memorable stories and offered practical advice to help reduce our stress and stay positive. We had great engagement and have heard from many participants that they’re applying what they learned, like meditating and using affirmations. The program was recorded and is a valuable resource on our Workday Learning app.”
Alicia Coviello, Human Resources Business Partner
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

Work-life balance—or rather the lack of it—comes up at almost every Vistage executive session and one-on-one. They are so overwhelmed. Tricia’s Better Balance program was engaging and very informative. Her message resonated with our group and she encouraged everyone to speak so we could learn from each other. If each member takes just one nugget from her leadership program and owns it, they will be much better off—and so will their organization. I graded her a five across the board and have invited her to speak at my other groups.”
Howard Levitt, New York Chair

Anyone can get information on how to live a more balanced life from books or online. However, when Tricia Molloy presented ‘Better Balance for Human Resource Professionals’ at the HR Symposium, we benefited from her deep wisdom that comes from life experiences. Her strategies—from identifying why we wanted more balance to practicing mindfulness—were practical and powerful. Tricia is warm and relatable with a confident, intentional speaking style. She clearly cared that we heard her message, marinated on it and took action.
Tom Darrow, SHRM-SCP, Founder/Principal
Talent Connections, LLC and Career Spa, LLC

After finishing up our 2019 fiscal year, our sales team needed something that would help ground us and set us up for success. For our annual kick-off meeting, Tricia Molloy’s 2020 Vision Board workshop and one-on-one coaching sessions were perfect! Most of our team work remotely from coast to coast and there were several new members. The workshop was a fun, powerful bonding experience that helped them learn about themselves and each other on a deeper level. Tricia’s incredible personal testimony about pursuing goals inspired us to focus on what really matters. My vision board reminds me every day of what I want my legacy to be in the next ten years at this growing organization.”
Jill Short, Chief Customer Officer
Atkins Nutritionals

Stress is at an all-time high for those in the healthcare industry. The constant changes and uncertainty about how we manage and deliver services take a toll on our own health, relationships and performance at work. When Tricia Molloy delivered her keynote, ‘Better Balance for Healthcare Professionals,’ at our Leadership Development Conference, I knew it would have an impact. Tricia is very calm, engaging and motivating. She shared inspiring stories and practical strategies we could apply right away, like practicing meditation and using affirmations. To customize her program, she interviewed several of our leaders in advance and they talked about what they do to enjoy better work-life balance. That prompted a lively group discussion that allowed us to all learn from each other. It was one of the best programs we’ve ever had.”
Sherri Gordon, Director of Organizational Development
Self Regional Healthcare

As women, we wear so many hats that we often neglect to put ourselves on our own ‘to do’ list. In fact, we hardly ever focus on ourselves. Tricia Molloy’s ‘Picture This!’ vision board workshop was the best event we’ve ever done! It was a rare opportunity to relax and explore our dreams and aspirations. Tricia presented such helpful content that we were writing notes like crazy. When the boards were complete, it was heartwarming to see so many women and men share their boards with everyone. It was like a beautiful puzzle that came together. We bonded on a deep level and will continue to support each other on our individual journeys.”
Nancy Little, Sponsor
EY Alpharetta Professional Women’s Network

At Georgia Power’s Work and Family Life Employee Resource Group signature event, Tricia Molloy was more than an engaging speaker. She was our wake-up call! Tricia encouraged us to reflect on what really matters and then showed us what we could do right away–like dropping unnecessary obligations and learning to be more mindful. By incorporating inspiring stories from our own members, Tricia illustrated how employees conquered their own challenges around better balance and how we could, too. It was a powerful program that we are still talking about.”
Sarah Cash, Assistant Corporate Secretary
Southern Company

At IBM, we know the most effective project managers strive to excel at work while also taking care of their personal responsibilities and themselves. We can all use fresh ideas on how to do that better! That’s why we invited Tricia Molloy to present her ‘Better Balance for Project Managers’ webinar to our 31,000 PMs worldwide. More than 400 of our employees joined us for the live webinar and many continue to benefit from the archived replay. Tricia’s program was relevant, engaging and interactive, and a welcome change from our more technical topics. We look forward to her next webinar.” 
Orla Stefanazzi,
Communications and eSharenet Program Lead
IBM Project Management Center of Excellence

We’re all so busy and going through intense growth right now. I knew we needed to take a deep breath to better manage all the balls in the air. When we weren’t able to bring Tricia into Denver for our learning event, we did the next best thing. She joined us via webcam for a motivating, interactive ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ webinar in our conference room. We could see Tricia and she was able to see us to connect and converse. Several of our people shared how they used CRAVE steps, like affirmations and visualization, to achieve their own goals. Tricia is so authentic, calm and wise. She not only teaches these simple strategies but lives them. The feedback was so positive that I invited her back in person to facilitate a vision board workshop.”
Jill Short, Chief Customer Officer
Atkins Nutritionals

Wellspring Living’s Women’s Academy is a quarterly 10-week career readiness program for survivors of sex trafficking and those at risk. Every quarter, Tricia presents her transformational vision board workshop. When I think of Tricia, two images come to mind. The first is lavender aromatherapy because she’s so calming. The second is the push button in a car because she inspires us to get going. Our staff always looks forward to Tricia’s workshop and the women often say it’s their favorite segment. There’s a shift in their attitude and a spike in their self-esteem as they begin to see and claim what’s possible, like a new job and home and a bright future for them and their children. We’re grateful to Tricia for helping us help these women live and dream again.”
Najma Calhoun, Community Enrichment Coordinator
Wellspring Living

When Tricia spoke about work-life balance at our inaugural Women’s Leadership Forum, it felt more like a candid conversation with a friend. The women and men from 11 regional banks represented a wide range of ages and positions. Everyone could relate to her stories and strategies. Tricia offered so many practical takeaways that we all left with a personalized action plan to make positive changes and support others in their quest for better balance. It was a perfect way to wrap-up our two-day event.”
Molly DeCarvalho, Assistant Vice President,
Senior Capital Markets Trader
Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta

I heard Tricia Molloy’s CRAVE message at a women’s conference and knew my distribution center general managers needed to hear it. She had just as much impact on several hundred people in a ballroom as she did around a conference table for a dozen of us. It was a rare opportunity to reflect on what matters and allowed us to get to know each other better. We followed it up with an accountability call with Tricia a few weeks later. That’s where we shared what we put into action—like dropping or delegating unnecessary obligations, clearing electronic clutter and making a practice of expressing gratitude. These simple strategies support their success and the associates they manage.”
Brandon Tandy, DVP Supply Chain – Southeast Division (GA-SC-TN)

Inspire, connect and achieve. That was the objective of our Verizon Women’s Empowerment Conference for about 75 high-potential women. We wanted to provide the clarity and confidence they needed to succeed as leaders within our dynamic organization. At her vision board workshop, Tricia Molloy created a fun, safe, relaxing environment for us to explore our challenges and aspirations. She showed us how to use the power of visualization and the other CRAVE steps to help us laser focus on what really matters. In addition to the personal insights that came from her program, our women bonded with each other and that will enhance our careers as we continue to work together and support each other.”
Monica Hammond, VP of Business and Government Operations
Verizon Enterprise Solutions

We could all benefit from more balance in our lives, especially those who work in the demanding world of hospitality sales. That’s why Tricia spoke to about 200 of Marriott’s sales professionals at our annual training conference. Through her stories, exercises and strategies, she helped us put things in perspective and identify the stressors in our lives we could either drop or deal with better. One participant said Tricia’s program gave her ‘the zeal to believe in myself again!”
Monica Muehl, Florida Sales Organization-Sales Learning Delivery Manager
Marriott International

Tricia Molloy speaks with such sincerity and wisdom that you can’t help but pay attention and follow her advice. At our Fall Learning Event, she showed us that when we look at the why, what and how of work-life balance, we can make small changes that have a big impact. By facilitating an Accountability Call a few weeks after her program, she encouraged us to take action and celebrate our successes. Helping us implement the inspiration added real value to this event.”
Laurie Rains, Programs Lead
Network of Executive Women, New England

As professionals, we all crave goals but then life and work tend to get in the way. I invited Tricia Molloy to speak at the Georgia Association of Paralegals Legal Summit we hosted after participating in several ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ programs she presented at The Home Depot. Her soft-spoken, conversational approach to teaching us new concepts is so refreshing and effective. She encouraged us to stop and reflect on what’s most important and how we could make more conscious choices. One attendee said he was on the edge of his seat and he realized he needed to focus on getting healthier. Another committed to return to school to advance her career and someone else committed to learn to be a better speaker so she would have the confidence to take on more leadership roles. It was great to see all the ‘light bulbs’ going off at the event and know that these CRAVE steps will make a difference.”
Toni Hutcheson, Senior Legal Specialist
The Home Depot

Simple but brilliant! That’s Tricia Molloy’s ‘Work-Life Balance Wisdom’ program. Tricia spoke to more than 600 AT&T employees at our headquarters in Dallas and via webcast to AT&T offices throughout the country. She got us to think about our lives in a different way. Her empowering message struck a chord with so many of us, regardless of our level or lifestyle. We followed up the event with a book giveaway to encourage participants to improve their balance by making conscious choices—like cleaning out technical clutter and using positive affirmations. Even a respected senior executive who is known for her commitment to balance said she learned some new strategies that she’ll apply right away.”
Tiffany Jenkins, Director of Audit Services

We can all use some fresh ideas to stay positive. At Kettering Executive Network, our members are seasoned professionals who are either advancing in their careers or searching for their next opportunity. We are committed to paying it forward. When Tricia Molloy presented ‘CRAVE Your Goals!,’ everyone was taking notes. Tricia is funny and engaging. Each step—from cleaning out clutter to staying grateful—is easy to implement. During our networking time after she spoke, I could hear the CRAVE discussions continuing. We now have some new tools to enhance our own professional and personal lives and support the success of others.
Pipier Bewlay, Education Committee Chair
Kettering Executive Network

When we’re happy, in our personal and professional lives, we motivate our employees to be happy and that leads to better service and happier customers. That’s why we chose happiness as the theme for our annual three-day ‘Women in the Green Industry’ event. By facilitating a vision board workshop, Tricia Molloy helped us slow down and reflect on what makes us happy. Many of the 150 women had never created vision boards and were inspired by the insights that came from it. They now have an empowering reminder of the goals that support their version of a happy life. It was a fantastic program.
Amber Baker, Division Marketing Manager-West
SiteOne Landscape Supply

Each and every day the American Red Cross of Georgia responds to emergencies—from home fires to tornadoes and much more. Our team members are passionate about helping affected families and as the frequency of disasters increases, it can easily take a toll on team morale. That’s why Tricia Molloy’s talk on how to “CRAVE Your Goals!” was so appreciated at our regional meeting. Tricia’s conversational style and practical approach are so refreshing. I continue to hear from participants about what they gleaned from the program and how they’re applying these strategies—like making vision boards, thanking others more often, and cleaning out the clutter. They consider Tricia’s program a thoughtful gift and something that is helping them personally, as well as professionally.”
Natalie Johnston-Russell, Regional Volunteer Services Officer
American Red Cross of Georgia

PMI Atlanta is one of the largest Project Management Institute chapters, with more than 5,000 members. Tricia Molloy’s talk on how to crave your goals was one of our best programs. Tricia captivated us by her relatable, personal journey and we gained incredible insights to start off the year with focus, clarity and purpose.
Johnetta Dillard
PMI Atlanta Speakers Bureau

Leaders need to refresh and re-energize to be at their best. That’s why Tricia Molloy spoke about work-life balance at our Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Symposium. Her takeaways were relevant to each participant, regardless of their age or role. One of my colleagues immediately cleaned the clutter from her desk, and I am focusing on setting better boundaries between my work and personal time. Each attendee received Tricia’s book, Working with Wisdom, so they could continue to learn from her while applying these valuable strategies.”
Pamela W. Carnes, GCCE, President and CEO
Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce

Tricia Molloy is a fabulous, invigorating speaker! When she presented ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ at our luncheon of meeting professionals, her laid-back, confident style and practical approach prompted lots of interaction. She inspired us to think about what really matters, professionally and personally. And, she supported our goal of getting members more involved in MPI Georgia. By the end of the meeting, several people volunteered to help us achieve key initiatives.”
Eileen Roehl, CMP, President
MPI Georgia

As a WICT Southeast Board Member, I have worked with many speakers over the years, but Tricia Molloy stands out for several reasons. First, she was my ‘easy button.’ Right at the start of our event planning, Tricia provided everything we needed to promote her ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ program, so I didn’t have to waste my time tracking promotional elements down. Our event had an on-site audience and was also live streamed to members throughout the Southeast. Tricia’s memorable personal stories and easy-to-follow strategies inspired and motivated our members to take action. Following her talk, she facilitated a powerful panel discussion on achieving goals with three senior industry execs. One guest called this Executive Roundtable event ‘amazing’ and it motivated her to join WICT. I am thrilled with how it all went!”
Jamie Miller, Senior Director of Programming
Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT) Southeast

Our experience design agency is growing fast. I wanted to kick off our annual new business meeting to prepare my team for the opportunities ahead. Without a doubt, everyone thought Tricia’s “CRAVE Your Sales Goals!” session was wonderful. It was the right balance of professional and personal development, presented in a fun, positive way. Tricia appealed to a diverse group and empowered each of us to use these strategies where we need it most. Her laid-back, thoughtful style really worked to keep our interest the entire time. It was a great experience!”
Sean Keathley, President

As a professional development organization, we aim to help our members enhance their professional skill set as well as their personal skill set. Tricia guided a group of mostly senior-level communicators through thought-provoking exercises so we could define what work-life balance looks like for us, especially in a function that can be 24/7. Her insights and presentation style resonated with our members as she delivered on our goal to help develop well-rounded communications professionals.”
Helen Tarleton, Co-VP of Professional Deveopment
IABC Atlanta

When we were planning Marriott’s Southeast University, we solicited the feedback of our Group Sales Managers on a topic of importance and relevance to them. Overwhelmingly, they requested a presentation that would provide tools and insights regarding the balance of work and their personal lives.  Tricia Molloy did more than provide relevant strategies we could apply right away. She encouraged us to share our own strategies so we could learn about and from each other. It was a big hit.”
Gary Hughes, General Manager of Southeast Group Sales
Marriott International

It was another great event at GE when Tricia Molloy came to speak to us. Her gentle, deliberate delivery was soothing and welcoming. We were leaning in so we could catch every word. When she finished teaching us the five CRAVE steps and asked us to share one strategy we would try, I was pleasantly surprised that every woman in the room participated in the discussion. That’s never happened before. Our theme for the year is ‘Simplification’ so her advice to clean out the professional, physical, and emotional clutter in our lives was right on target. Several women have told me they’ve been busy de-cluttering their offices, homes, and even their brains!”
Nicole James, Atlanta HUB Chair
GE Women’s Network

Everyone is trying to figure out how to do their best at work while getting things done at home and enjoying life. When you add the demands of a heavy travel schedule that often comes with consulting, the challenge increases. In her presentation, ‘Work-Life Balance Wisdom,’ Tricia Molloy showed us innovative ways to improve that balance—like letting go of unnecessary obligations and using empowering affirmations. We took the time to reflect on what really matters and heard from others about their experiences. At the end of the program, we each had our own set of practical action items. This was an eye-opener.”
Denise McGuigan, Manager of Technology
Deloitte Consulting LLP


Our spring learning event was a huge success in large part because of our speaker, Tricia Molloy! Tricia is very entertaining and captivating. Because she’s so authentic and created a safe environment for us to learn, people lined up at the microphones to ask questions and share their comments. We left with practical strategies we could apply right away to achieve the goals we crave.”
Lori Smith, Regional Officer
Network of Executive Women, Atlanta 


We women are very good at multi-tasking but it takes its toll. For years, our members have requested a work-life balance program and Tricia Molloy delivered it beautifully. More than 300 people attended our spring learning event. Relevant and revealing, Tricia’s program combined the inspiration of a keynote with the practical approach of a workshop. By filling out the easy-to-follow worksheet, everyone was engaged and had a customized plan of action. There were a lot of ‘aha’s!’ for me. I now choose to disconnect more from technology to enjoy my personal and family time, and that has made me more effective at work.”
Karen Morrell, Regional Officer
Network of Executive Women, Florida


Our employees often ask for help to improve their work-life balance. They want to be more productive while they’re here and also enjoy their time away from the office. Through ‘Work-Life Balance Wisdom,’ Tricia Molloy showed us the why, what and how of balance. Her heartfelt stories and insightful strategies resonated with everyone. Since then, they have shared with me how they applied what they learned—like letting go of unnecessary obligations, using positive self talk and being more present. It all makes sense!”
Colleen Richardson, PHR, Employee Engagement Manager
Newell Rubbermaid


Through her entertaining and informative CRAVE program, Tricia Molloy inspired our hard-working Georgia sheriff office administrators at our annual Administrative Staff Conference. Every CRAVE step can help them deal with the changes and challenges they face every day. It’s exactly what they needed to know and what they’ll share with their coworkers. Because Tricia customized her talk, highlighted specific administrators and encouraged interaction, this group knows each other a lot better now and can reach out for support when they need it. One attendee described Tricia as ‘a calming solution to the sometimes stormy world we live in.’ I agree and look forward to having her back!”
Brent Loeffler, Coordinator of Specialized Training
Georgia Sheriffs’ Association

Tricia Molloy’s ‘CRAVE Your Goals!” workshop was powerful and truly appreciated by both our staff and parents.  Her sincere, open-hearted delivery helped ensure commitment from attendees to put into practice her simple, but life-changing methods for goal attainment. The conversation will definitely continue!”
Alison Morgan, LMSW, Social Services Director
The Atlanta Children’s Center, Inc.

After Tricia presented ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ at a Network of Executive Women event, I knew our team needed to hear her message. We are a busy, driven group of management consultants that spend most of the week on the road at our clients’ offices. Tricia encouraged us to slow down for a moment and focus on what really matters, not only in our professional lives, but also in our personal lives. Since she spoke, I’ve heard my colleagues talk about letting go of unnecessary obligations, cleaning out clutter and creating vision boards that remind them of what they’re working towards.”
Cathy Chinich, Management Consultant
Capgemini Consulting


Awesome speaker…Simple but made you think about making the time for yourself on a personal level and professional level… She was comfortable and credible, as well as inspiring… If there are any other topics she speaks on, I would love to hear her again.”
Women Connected ERG Participants


The Greater Atlanta Association for Talent Development is made up of seasoned learning and performance improvement professionals so the bar is set high when we invite someone to speak at our meetings. Tricia Molloy exceeded our expectations. More than an inspiring speaker, Tricia is an expert facilitator who encouraged us to talk about what really matters and then clearly explained how we could get there. We were all taking a lot of notes. Her CRAVE process is simple, tangible and easy to follow. I’ve started writing in a gratitude journal and several others are creating vision boards. We know these steps will make a difference in our lives and in our work.”
Brian Woman, VP of Programs
The Greater Atlanta Association for Talent Development (ATD)


I have been hosting women’s development programs since 2009 in Atlanta. Tricia Molloy is certainly an engaging speaker with a relevant message and practical takeaways. What impressed me most about her, however, was the way she partnered with me to ensure our success. For the Women’s Professional Development Network event, Tricia provided promotional copy and graphics to attract a great turnout, a professionally written introduction for me to read that set the tone for her program, and a handout designed to help participants apply what they learned. Her attention to detail and follow-through made my job much easier.”
Marie Fratoni, CEO and Founder
Get Clients Everywhere


Now in its 11th year, the Women in Leadership seminar series is a monthly forum for female leaders from Atlanta’s top corporations to interact with each other and with inspirational, successful role models. Tricia Molloy’s presentation was one of the most impactful we’ve ever had. Her warm, genuine, conversational style captivated our members. Through personal stories and specific strategies, she showed us how to stay positive and manage change by making simple, conscious choices. Everyone walked away with a plan of action, excited to implement what they learned and share it with others. Tricia epitomizes the essence of a true leader.”
Susan Hitchcock, Host/Creator
Turknett Leadership Group’s Women in Leadership Seminar Series

Social workers, case managers and other helping professionals operate in a high-stress, constantly changing environment. I knew they could benefit from learning new strategies to deal with that stress and achieve the goals that were important to them. That’s why Tricia Molloy presented ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ at my annual holiday party and continuing education event. As an educational coordinator, I was very impressed with Tricia’s presentation. She engaged the audience of nearly 200 people in a lively discussion and inspired them in concrete ways to take action. I highly recommend Tricia and her seminars for all groups. Her empowering message can change lives.”
Anne McSweeney, LMSW, President and Founder
CEU Concepts

Your CRAVE webinar through Women in Technology International was a gateway into my journey of self-actualization. You made these concepts very accessible and actionable. In the past year, I’ve started practicing gratitude, positive affirmations, and visualization. I also decluttered my entire house, and have kept myself organized and on track. I’ve been promoted and feel joy every day. I subscribe to your newsletters and LOVE them! They always leave me feeling inspired and I refer back to them often.”
(via email)
Jennifer Conlon, GBS PSC Operations Manager

SilkRoad is growing fast. To keep up with all the changes and capitalize on our opportunities, we need to stay positive and focused. That’s why I invited Tricia Molloy to present a ‘CRAVE Your Sales Goals!’ webinar. I had experienced her webinar two years ago at IBM and could attest to the power of these principles. Tricia was so easy to work with as she customized this program to address our specific needs and ensure full engagement. Our salespeople expressed their appreciation for this unique kind of training and many participated in the follow-up conference call to ask questions and celebrate successes. Now, we’re exploring other ways to bring more Working with Wisdom programs to SilkRoad.”
Kim Heintz, Internal Trainer

We wanted an inspirational message with practical takeaways to kick off the new year and Tricia Molloy delivered it. The ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ webinar for Kimberly-Clark’s field sales force was so successful because Tricia customized it to meet our needs. For example, she interviewed employees about their challenges, opportunities and the CRAVE steps they already used. Then, she highlighted their wisdom in the webinar. The conversational banter between the two of us, along with polling and text chatting, kept the program relevant and the audience engaged. Since the webinar, we’re delighted to hear how our people are putting these principles into practice—from clearing clutter and creating vision boards to using affirmations that support their success.
Jayne Kelly, VP of Customer Development

The mark of an outstanding speaker is when the conversation continues way after the event is over. That’s what happened when Tricia Molloy presented ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ at the KSU Coles College of Business Breakfast Seminar. My team immediately began applying these strategies, like cleaning out office clutter and creating vision boards. These simple and easy steps can have such a significant impact on our lives. We look forward to welcoming Tricia back to talk to more students and faculty.”
Kathleen Cesar, Assistant Director of Coles Alumni
Kennesaw State University | Coles College of Business

When planning programs for WIN, which stands for Women in NCR, I strive to present speakers who are motivational and powerful and can relate to everyday challenges. Tricia Molloy did just that when she showed WIN how to CRAVE goals. Our members commented on her warm, friendly approach. Her practical takeaways to reduce stress and make changes have inspired them to follow her lead. One woman told me what she learned has changed her life. Tricia touched everyone in a very positive way.”
Brenda Behm, Implementation Coordinator

It’s easy to be successful in our business. Make enough calls and connections, and meet with enough people who need insurance and other financial services. Where it gets hard is our mindset. That’s why I invited Tricia Molloy to speak to our reps at our firm’s mid-year meeting. Tricia showed us clearly and concisely how simple steps like reducing clutter, using positive self-talk and expressing thanks can boost our bottom line, professionally and personally.
Jeff Bulvin, Managing Partner
New England Financial

In the ‘DESIGN Your Ideal Life!’ webinar for our field sales professionals, Tricia Molloy shared the benefits of making conscious choices. She showed us how to seek insights and be authentic which builds trust with customers and team members, as well as remain present to capture opportunities. Each of the five DESIGN steps from Tricia’s program supports the One K-C Behaviors to maximize growth, develop ourselves and succeed. By incorporating these principles, we reinforced the behaviors we strive as One K-C Team.”
Kimberley Haseman, Walmart Retail Operations Team Leader

We’ve all been inspired by motivational speakers in the past. However, within a day or so, that inspiration fades and we go back to business as usual. Tricia Molloy’s ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ program was different. Tricia is a warm, friendly and engaging speaker who showed us practical steps to get from where we are to where we want to be. As administrative assistants, we tend to put everyone else’s needs first. Now, we’re clearing clutter and creating vision boards and affirmations as we pursue our certifications and health goals. Best of all, we’re having fun as we support each other’s successes.”
Stephanie Thomas, 2011-2012 IAAP Chapter President
Turner Broadcasting

Wow! Tricia Molloy’s uplifting CRAVE program is just what we needed to help us manage the challenges we face at work. Tricia is so calm and clear. She connected with everyone in the room and encouraged us to share our professional, personal and bodacious, big dream goals. Every CRAVE step is relevant and important. I’ve been sharing what I learned with my colleagues—like the importance of cleaning out the clutter and being grateful. I realize I’m a role model for those who report to me and I’ve started smiling more and focusing on the positive. I used to say to myself that I never have enough time and now I affirm: ‘I use my time wisely.’ It’s making a difference.”
Wendy Aina, DSL Billing Manager

Tricia Molloy is an excellent speaker who helps people find a renewed sense of energy, set and achieve goals, and make significant accomplishments for themselves and their organizations. When she spoke to Home Depot’s Women in Leadership Development group, we had great participation and very positive feedback.”
Cynthia Nelson, Director of IT Systems and Field Operations
The Home Depot

Tricia Molloy’s empowering message of clearing clutter, staying positive, affirming and visualizing success, and being grateful directly aligns with Keller Williams’ ongoing training and corporate culture. Our Realtors were inspired to implement these practical CRAVE strategies for more success at work and in life.”
John Fountain, Team Leader/Broker
Keller Williams Realty Cityside

Tricia Molloy far exceeded our expectations as she presented a ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ teleseminar to IBM’s Super Women’s Group. Nearly 500 people participated. Her powerful, practical advice for reducing stress and staying focused was refreshing and right on target. As we move forward on our 2015 roadmap, every CRAVE step—from clearing clutter to using positive affirmations—will support our success.”
Carol Cronin, Manager

We wanted to give our team a thoughtful gift that would last their whole lifetime. That’s why Tricia Molloy was the keynote speaker at our annual WellStar Safety Coach Celebration. We’re all so busy and focused on work and things we need to get done at home. Tricia gave us permission to stop and reflect on ourselves. Her thought-provoking CRAVE formula is just what we needed to help us make better, conscious choices. Each step, like expressing gratitude, aligns with our organization’s culture. When Tricia mentioned that toxic relationships are a form of emotional clutter that keeps us from being our best, one team member said that validated her recent decision to end a dysfunctional friendship. Every time our safety coaches meet, I encourage them to share the CRAVE steps they are using so they can inspire each other.”
Steven Ziffer, Director of Facilities
WellStar Health System

When Tricia Molloy presented ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ at Deloitte, we resonated with her simple, positive and practical message. She held everyone’s attention and provided great actionable steps that we could implement immediately.
Nadège D. Donaldson, Senior Technology Consultant
Deloitte Consulting LLP

We invited Tricia Molloy to speak to our board of directors because we were looking for fresh insights and tools to help us balance our professional and personal lives with our commitment to this association. She helped us take a step back and think about things differently. If each board member implements just one of the five CRAVE steps, it will make a difference. For example, I know that cleaning out the clutter can significantly enhance our focus and productivity. As an added bonus, Tricia is so grounded and soothing and made us feel so relaxed. Our time with her was like a yoga session for the mind.
Heather Foster, President
American Marketing Association/Atlanta

Tricia Molloy attracted more than double our usual turnout—about 60 people—at UPS’s Women in Leadership Development meeting. We were ready to learn how to reach our goals faster and easier, and she delivered what she promised. Through the CRAVE system, we learned the power of what we think, say and see. We also learned how physical and mental clutter can get in the way of our goals. Through our interactions during the program, we got to know each other’s challenges as well as our aspirations and it brought us closer together. The next day, I used the CRAVE system to counsel two friends who needed help. It works!
Lois Lovemore, Compensation Manager

When planning meetings for the women’s network here at Delta, I strive to feature speakers whose message resonates with the goals of work/life balance that I know we all have. Tricia’s session, ‘CRAVE Your Goals!,’ was especially aligned with this. Many participants commented on the simplicity of the message and the value of each step for their professional and personal life.
Mary Ann Green, President – Delta Women’s Employee Network
Delta Technology/Delta Air Lines

When Tricia presented simple strategies by which to live and grow at our October luncheon, her message could not have come at a better time. In the midst of the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes, she spoke with enough humor to get our minds off the stock market and tumbling home values and gave us hope through her CRAVE system. For this group of women business owners, taking time away from their offices has to mean something. Their feedback says it all: ‘Most enjoyable, very thought provoking.’ ‘The talk was both inspirational and timely for me.’ ‘Tricia was amazing!’ ‘This was one of the best speakers we’ve had in a long time!’ ‘Based on universal principles, Tricia’s talk has the ability to keep things simple and still make a strong impact on our lives.’”
Sara Burden, Atlanta Executive Board Member
National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

Tricia Molloy is delightful! Most people can set goals but few follow up to fully achieve them. When Tricia presented ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ to about 800 chiropractic students at our assembly, she showed us the crucial, eternal concepts that make the difference between success and wasting our life floundering. Her message is so practical and powerful. Tricia got our attention, made us think and, most importantly, inspired us to take action—one CRAVE step at a time.
Professor David B. Koch, D.C., L.C.P., D.Ph.C.S.
Life University

Tricia Molloy’s CRAVE formula perfectly supports our mission to help women thrive in work and life. When she spoke to the Professional Women’s Group, our members and volunteers were very energized and inspired by her message, as well as the clear, calm way she delivered it. Throughout the year, we will continue to reference the CRAVE steps, like cleaning out clutter, affirming success and visualizing. These are powerful tools that make a difference.
Elizabeth Kelly, Executive Director
Dress for Success/Atlanta

Our main objective at the Alpharetta Convention & Visitors Bureau is to support the success of the hotels utilizing all of the hospitality resources in our city, such as the restaurants, the shopping districts, the special event facilities and the sports and entertainment venues. That’s why we presented Tricia Molloy’s ‘CRAVE Your Customer Service Goals!’ seminar.  Tricia reminded us that our thoughts create our reality. She taught us a practical, memorable system that will help us create the best outcomes, professionally and personally. Her soft, conversational approach was very appealing as attendees shared their goals and Tricia offered advice on how to reach them. Several people commented that this was one of the best seminars we’ve ever had.
Janet Rodgers, President
Alpharetta Convention & Visitors Bureau

To enhance teamwork within our small firm of mostly remote employees, we brought everyone together for a full-day ‘boot camp.’ Tricia Molloy kicked it off with her empowering ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ program. We discussed how to approach our challenges and opportunities with a fresh perspective—like affirming positive outcomes and being grateful for lessons learned.  Throughout the rest of the day, we referred back to Tricia’s practical strategies. For example, we decided to add names to the project schedule so we could picture the team member responsible and offer support when possible. I know we’ll continue to use the CRAVE steps to enjoy more success at work and in life.”
Lynn Harris Medcalf, Executive Vice President and Co-founder
News Generation

Tricia Molloy offered her ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ webinar for us in 2011 and followed it up with ‘DESIGN Your Ideal Life!’ in 2012. In the DESIGN webinar, she shared the other five principles from her book and it was fun, motivating and interactive. More than 200 WITI members participated and, through text chatting and emails, many shared that they were inspired to commit to the DESIGN steps that resonated with them, like defining their life purpose, reducing multitasking when it’s not necessary, and trusting their intuition. Putting even one of these steps into practice will have a positive impact on their work and lives.”
Kathy Hill, Webinar Manager and Host
Women In Technology International (WITI)

When Tricia spoke to our group, she created a strong, caring connection and suggested simple, powerful strategies to help us recognize, envision and influence our goals.  I’ve already heard of one of our members enjoying the fulfillment of her stated vision and others see welcome changes as they begin to use the CRAVE formula.  Tricia’s  positive message is just what we needed.”
Deborah Shipman,President
Executive Women International /Atlanta

When Tricia Molloy presented ‘CRAVE Your Goals!’ at our monthly meeting, she had everyone’s attention. Tricia speaks from her heart about things that matter to us, like being more positive despite the challenges we face and taking time to take care of ourselves. We were thoroughly engaged. While we may never live balanced lives, with Tricia’s inspiration, we can live much happier ones.”
Katy Gillis, Atlanta Managing Director

I started my first of six businesses in the mid-1970s and have facilitated two CEO peer groups since 1999. Every step of Tricia Molloy’s CRAVE formula—from cleaning out the clutter of toxic clients to expressing thanks to employees—has a direct impact on the bottom line and your peace of mind. I do all of these and know they work effortlessly. That’s why I was delighted to share this message with my two groups. These CEOs were engaged by Tricia’s calm voice and demeanor, and inspired to take action right away. If you want to have a wildly successful business or career, follow Tricia’s wisdom for a huge return on your investment.
Tom Cramer, Co-Chairman
The Brain Trust

At our annual retreat, Tricia Molloy spoke to the school council chairpersons about how to create a healthy balance between their council work and other responsibilities. Tricia’s CRAVE formula is an uplifting paradigm shift, a chance to reflect on our choices and decide to respond with wisdom. They are sharing these essential strategies with their council members so they can be more effective in their mission of impacting student achievement. As I follow up with the councils, I will continue to encourage them to put these powerful principles into practice.”
Terrolynn Perry-Ponder, School Council Liaison Specialist
Atlanta Public Schools

Tricia Molloy is a consciously competent professional with a compelling, unique topic. And, she presents it brilliantly. Her message is relevant to everyone.  I know how important it is to build trust with an audience and she certainly did that at our ExecuNet meeting for senior executives in transition.”
Pat Haly, President
National Personnel Service