Labor Less with This Simple Goal-Getting Practice

Happy Labor Day!

I hope you’re enjoying a much-needed break from work while relaxing and recharging with family and friends. For many of us, right after Labor Day is when we shift out of slower summertime mode and gear up to reach our goals. September often marks the beginning of a fresh new year, whether we’re headed back to school or not!

When I ask clients about their biggest obstacles to achieving goals, they often blame distractions. From technology and world events to “urgent” issues that are just not important. What if you could get clear on your top priority each week so you could be more focused and productive?

To labor less when it comes to achieving your goals and enjoying more work-life balance, you don’t need to read another book, download another app or register for another online class. Just use this ridiculously simple My Top Priority sheet. Print out a bunch, fold them in half and cut them. Each week, post where you can see it a new form with that week’s date and your top priority. Then, list three action steps you will take. It might be a professional or personal top priority. Share this email with an accountability buddy so you can support each other.

Naming your top priority doesn’t mean you ignore or neglect all the other things on your to-do list. However, it does increase your chances that you’ll get more done. Plus, posting a list at work or home lets others know what’s most important to you at this time. Try it for a few weeks and let me know how it’s helped you.

So, what is your top priority this week?





2 thoughts on “Labor Less with This Simple Goal-Getting Practice

  1. James Barrett Reply

    My top priority this week is to teach myself CAD. I have accepted a position that requires me to use it almost daily and I never had. All of my other duties will fall in line behind this learning but will not be ignored.

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