Listen to The CRAVE Method for Achieving Goals

Whatever your resolutions are for the new year, get there faster and easier by using the five CRAVE strategies. When I look back on my own life and career so far, the goals I have achieved—from writing my book to raising my children—have all been supported by these simple steps.

Clean out the physical, technical and emotional clutter that get in the way. Manage your energy, as well as your time. Use empowering affirmations or self talk. Visualize in your head what you want to be, do and have–or use a vision board for the clarity, confidence and courage to pursue your goals. And, finally, express thanks to stay positive and strengthen your relationships with others.

I recently spoke about how to use these powerful steps to reduce stress and achieve goals with Brandon Smith, a delightful executive coach, author, speaker and podcaster who is is known as “The Workplace Therapist.” Take a half hour and listen to The CRAVE Method for Achieving Goals on The Brandon Smith Show. Then think of how you can apply these steps to your own goals for the new year.

What CRAVE steps resonate most with you?



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