Look for the Gifts at Challenging Times

They call this the Great Recession. What’s so great about it? In other words, what gifts or lessons have come from this economic downturn that have made you stronger, smarter and more resilient? For me, I’ve become more patient, intuitive, trusting and creative. I’ve also found myself relying on gratitude to get me through setbacks and slowdowns.

I recently posed this question on LinkedIn and want to share excerpts of some of the wise responses. I hope you’ll add your own comments on this blog so you can inspire others.

  • In the Great Recession, there are Great Opportunities to recognize what truly matters to you…to allow and receive the assistance of others…to welcome the interaction of friends and family on a deeper level…to release what no longer serves you. ~Liz Ireland
  • I have been reminded that it is not a bad thing to get uncomfortable…In fact, that’s where the majority of growth comes from. ~Karen Fedder (Berger)
  • I have been prompted to re-examine my habits for inefficiency and waste (of all kinds, including time). I have found new ways to use all my resources more efficiently. ~Diana Nichols
  • Be personally responsible–buy only what you can afford–pay off your debt…and live like our grandparents did after the depression. …In other words, defer gratification. ~Susan Thomas
  • I’ve learned to treasure the little things a lot more…I commit myself daily to work in joy, in place of negativity, and see the positive. ~Michele Petersen
  • Very Simple: Don’t delay. Invest in innovation now. Come out ahead. ~Robert Brands
  • (I) take more chances. Meet with and reach out to people I would never have considered in the past–too young, not my field, too unlikely. Yet it’s some of those off-the-margin choices that have so far proven the most promising and fruitful. ~Caitlin Kelly
  • There’s a sort of ‘what the hell’ positivity. Might be madness but it feels more real than groping for what I’ve lost. ~Alicia Griswold

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1 thought on “Look for the Gifts at Challenging Times

  1. Elaine Bylos Reply

    These challenging times have reconfirmed that my reality is not based on that of others. I cannot give to others what I don’t have to give and so it is solely my responsibility to create, live and love in a way that serves me.
    I’ve become acutely aware of the fact that one is not privy to the soul path of another and that a lack of judgment is always the right choice.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!

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