Reflections from a Time Out

I just returned from a long weekend away at an oasis in Orlando, the Villas of Grand Cypress. It was a gift from my favorite long-time marketing client, MSI International. Each year, this recruiting firm honors their top producers with an incentive trip to a luxurious destination. This year, they honored me for my 16 years of service.

These trips are known for providing plenty of free time. Since my husband was home with our teenagers, I was afforded the rare opportunity to spend most of the four days on my own. Here’s what I learned.

  • Being busy all the time is highly over rated. We often get so caught up jumping from one task to another, we barely have time to think. Take a look at what’s keeping you so busy and decide where you can unplug. Carve out some time to just be and you’ll experience more clarity and insight.
  • Silence is platinum. I purposely refrained from watching TV or listening to music and even limited my speaking to indulge in the silence and reflect. It’s a healing practice we should consider making a habit, even for a few minutes at the start and end of each day.
  • Nature is our greatest teacher. Whether it’s the wise and joyful dolphins (I snapped this photo in the “splash zone” at Sea World–my only outing during my trip.) or colorful display of tropical flowers, look to nature for guidance and inspiration.

May you find many opportunities to indulge in your own divine time outs.

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