Release. Relax. Refresh.

One of the many pleasures of speaking is learning from my audiences. When I customize my talks for clients, I interview several employees in advance about the wise choices they make and then, with their permission, share it in my program. 

I always end my talks by asking participants to share with the group one strategy they will apply in the coming week. That commits them to take action and also inspires others.

Work-Life Balance Wisdom
In a “Work-Life Balance Wisdom” program for Deloitte, I discussed that improving balance begins with making conscious choices. One wise strategy is to manage their energy, much like they would manage their time.
A Deloitte senior manager shared how she mixes business with pleasure to release, relax and refresh when she’s visiting out-of-town clients. An avid professional football fan, this woman often coordinates her schedule so she can attend that city’s NFL game. So far, she’s been to eight different stadiums. 
We’re all busy with work and home responsibilities. Sometimes it takes a little creativity and extra effort to make it work. But enjoying less stress and more success is worth it.  .

How do you manage your energy to enhance your work-life balance? 



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