Resolution Rescue Plan

Remember those New Year’s resolutions or 2020 goals you committed to just a few weeks ago?

If you’re like most of us mere mortals, the busyness of returning to work and other obstacles may have sidetracked those commitments. Here’s a simple way to get back on the path to a healthy, wealthy and peaceful new year.

Right click on this CRAVE infographic and save and print it. Post it on your bathroom mirror or in your office.

Every day, focus on one step that will help you reach your goals. It might be turning your negative self talk into a positive affirmation or gathering your family, friends or team members to create empowering vision boards. Or dusting off that gratitude journal and writing in it a few nights a week. When I needed to be re-energized last week, I dove into my office clutter and did a deep clean. Just two file cabinet drawers to go!

When it’s time to recommit and reconnect with what you know is most important, what’s your go-to CRAVE step?


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