Six Questions to Ask to Take Back Your Time



For many of us, Daylight Saving Time means we will turn our clocks ahead and “lose” an hour. Every year, this practice prompts me to think about where I’m losing time and how to get it back. 

In your quest for less stress and better balance, if you also wonder about that, here are some questions to ponder:

  1. What time-saving technology can I learn to use, like my banking app, meeting scheduler or social media automation?
  2. What time-wasting habits can I avoid, like excessively checking email and Facebook?
  3. What household chore or project can I delegate to a family member or an outside resource?
  4. What potential client or relationship that I’ve tried to develop over time has become a lesson in futility and should be dropped?
  5. When do I typically multitask, only to discover my productivity suffers? (Whenever possible, focus on one task at a time!)
  6. What physical, technical or emotional clutter has gotten in my way and slowed me down?

Once you’ve considered these questions, I’m sure you’ll think of others. Take one at a time and decide on a simple action step. You just might save much more than time.

Share here which question you choose to start with and what step you’re taking.


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