Talk to Yourself

When I was learning to become an accomplished speaker through Toastmasters, I used a simple affirmation to give me the motivation and confidence I needed: "I love to speak!"  And it worked.

I recently hired a personal trainer, Sandi Porter of Start With The Inside, to help me develop some lifelong healthy habits. I’ve never been able to maintain a consistent exercise routine but have set an intention to start. My week is a mix of aerobic workouts at the gym and in my neighborhood and weight training I do at home. I knew I needed an affirmation or mantra to keep me on track. That’s why each day I say to myself and out loud, "I love to move!" When I find excuses for getting to the gym or pulling out my weights, my inner coach tells me, "Just show up." And, when I crave a soft drink–something I gave up drinking last week–I remind myself, "I love water!" 

What challenges you today and what simple statement can support your success? Say it!

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