Tap These Apps for Better Balance

Whenever I talk to audiences about improving their work-life balance, we inevitably get into a discussion about our love-hate relationship with our digital devices. 

What was designed to make our lives easier has often become an addiction and an unhealthy excuse (ours and others) to be connected and available 24/7.


To ensure you are in control of this technology and it’s not controlling you, I recommend these best practices.

  1. For a few days, keep track of all notifications and alerts you receive. Then, go to Settings to switch off the ones that are unnecessary distractions.
  2. Charge your devices at night outside your bedroom so you won’t be disturbed. That might mean recommissioning your nightstand alarm clock. It will also keep you from checking messages during the night or immediately upon wakening.
  3. Delete any unused apps and, if you want to reduce your time on Facebook, consider removing that app from your phone and only connecting there from your desktop. (You can always add it back, if you experience severe withdrawal symptoms!)
  4. Experiment with apps that support your goals to reduce stress, be more mindful and get organized.  I did an informal survey of clients and colleagues for this list of apps to tap for better balance:

For Meditation and Mindfulness

For Improved Focus and Productivity

For Organizing Family Schedules

When it comes to enjoying better balance, I hope these apps help you outsmart your smart phone! Which have you tried and what would you recommend to add to this list?



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