That’s Why They Call It a Practice

I just read an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review on “The Secret of Success in a Failing Economy.”

The “secret” is that the most successful people practice–a lot. Whether you’re a concert violinist or a computer programmer, practice–more than sheer talent–will be the determining factor.

That made me think about spiritual practices like meditation, gratitude and mindfulness. The more we practice, the better we’ll get and the more wisdom and peace we’ll reap. That’s why they call it a practice.

So, set up rituals, find the time in your busy schedule and make your spiritual practices a priority. It’s one of the best investments you can make in your personal and professional success.

2 thoughts on “That’s Why They Call It a Practice

  1. Karen Fedder Reply

    I just read your posting and wanted to share something. Unfortunately, my nature is to go to the negative first. I went thru a tough time about 5 months ago and my sponsor asked me to send her a daily gratitude list. To make a long story short, I took it a step further…I sent her a list of 5 non material things that I was grateful for. Even though the assignement is long since over, I continue the exercise. The most amazing thing is occurring…slowly, my mind is being re-tooled to look for the positive knowing I need to make the list every day. It has been an amazing transformation…I sometimes still go to the negative, but it isn’t as often, and I realize it a lot quicker so I can get out of it…My spirituality has of course been elevated and I feel better not carry all the negativity I used to turn to so naturally.
    I look forward to reading other postings on this topic…Make it a great day…

  2. Samantha Y. Reply

    I got to your web site from the link on the Ladies Who Launch web site and read your post. I completely agree that practicing does work to improve oneself as long as it’s in something you enjoy. After reading your post, I went on to read the Harvard Business Review article which was also interesting. It’s a shame that nowadays people are disregarding the value of practice and experience. It’s vital to the success of a company and a country. Thank you for your post.

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