12 Ways to Have a Really Happy New Year

Want to excel at work and in life in 2018? Resolve to be happier!

Shawn Achor, a leading expert on the power of positivity and the author of The Happiness Advantage, said, “Happiness gives us a real chemical edge on the competition. How? Positive emotions flood our brains with dopamine and serotonin, chemicals that not only make us feel good, but dial up the learning centers of our brains to higher levels.”

In The How of Happiness, author Sonja Lyubomirsky recommends 12 scientifically proven ways to boost our happiness. They are:

  1. Express Gratitude
  2. Cultivate Optimism
  3. Avoid Overthinking and Social Comparison
  4. Practice Acts of Kindness
  5. Nurture Social Relationships
  6. Develop Strategies for Coping
  7. Learn to Forgive
  8. Increase Flow Experiences
  9. Savor Life’s Joys
  10. Commit to Your Goals
  11. Practice Religion and Spirituality
  12. Take Care of Your Body

I resonated with all of them. Do you?

Share this list with those you work with and your family and friends. Encourage them to do the following exercise with you.

First, identify three of these strategies that you already do. Appreciate the positive impact they have on your attitude and continue to do them. For me, that’s express gratitude, cultivate optimism and nurture social relationships.

Then, consider three more strategies to start or recommit to for the new year. Mine are savor life’s joys, commit to your goals and take care of your body.

What do you already do and what will you begin to do in 2018? I hope you’ll share your wise strategies by posting your comments here and inspire others. Here’s to a Really Happy New Year!

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