Are You Happy for No Reason?

I’ve been reading the enlightening book “Happy for No Reason” by Marci Shimoff and am enjoying many Aha! moments. The title refers to a natural state of inner peace and well-being that is not dependent on external circumstances. In other words, no one or no thing can create this state for you or take it away from you.

There’s a list of 20 questions to help you evaluate how happy for no reason you are right now. You’re asked to rate them on a scale of 1 (not at all true) to 5 (absolutely true). Just pondering these questions reminds you of how much control you have over your own happiness. Here are some that resonated with me.

1) I live in the moment.
2) I don’t let bad situations keep me down.
3) Most days I have an experience of laughter or joy.
4) I trust that this is a friendly universe.
5) I look for the gift or the lesson in everything that happens.
6) I am able to let go and forgive.
7) I feel love for myself.
8) I feel a general sense of gratitude.
9) I feel connected to something bigger than myself.
10) I feel inspired by a sense of purpose in my life.

Consider how much happier you could be if you embraced more of these beliefs and habits. Share your comments.

2 thoughts on “Are You Happy for No Reason?

  1. alicia griswold Reply

    I wish these were the questions asked on the “skills and satisfaction” assessments I’m currently completing. They’re much more honest.

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