Are You Living and Working on Purpose?

As Labor Day 2009 concludes, I find myself thinking about the different ways people look at work. If you are blessed like me, the work you do is a direct reflection of your purpose and passion. It’s who you are and why you’re here. Some people look at their job as a means to an end. And, so many this year are searching for a job.

When I talk to audiences and clients about finding their life purpose, I explain it’s a combination of your values, key motivators and natural gifts. If your profession doesn’t allow you to express what that purpose is–and you’re not able or willing to change jobs (or find one right now)–we can joyfully express this purpose in other ways. For example, if you have a passion to protect animals, you might volunteer at a local animal shelter.

When I presented my “CRAVE Your Goals!” program to the women’s affinity group at UPS earlier this year and we were sharing how we raise our vibrations and stay positive, UPS employee Teri Darnell announced to the group that she loved photography and just launched her website to display and sell her work. When I visited her site, I was wowed by her creations. They spoke to me about the power of nature and the human spirit. Teri touched me with her photographs. I promptly purchased two prints, one of which is of a dandelion. It reminds me of the pure hope of childhood when we would make a wish and, with one big blow, scatter those seeds until the stem was only left. That’s when we knew our wish would come true.

On this Labor Day and throughout the year, I wish you work and/or service that honors who you are and why you’re here. You can see the dandelion and more of Teri’s photos at

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