Are You Ready to Surrender?

The word “surrender” can be charged with negative emotions. Most people equate it with giving up or giving in. It can also mean to release that illusion of control and trust in the infinite intelligence of the universe–the source that is always conspiring for our highest good.

Searching for a job, new clients or a healthier lifestyle? Seeking your true purpose in life? Simply make an intention that you are open to receive guidance. Set aside some quiet time each day for inspiration and renewal. Be aware of the synchronicities and coincidences that will lead you to fresh ideas and opportunities. Spend time in nature and with others who understand and appreciate the power of surrender.

If this is difficult for you, start with something inconsequential like choosing a restaurant for this weekend. Be open to guidance and I bet a friend will rave about a new place in town or you’ll read an enticing review in the paper.

Today, choose a challenge that you’ve struggled with and surrender it. Author Marianne Williamson says it best: “Let’s forgive the past and who we were then. Let’s embrace the present and who we are capable of becoming. Let’s surrender the future and watch miracles unfold.”

Can’t wait to hear about your miracles!

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