Catch the Ultimate Gift

Have you caught the gift during this holiday season? No, I’m not talking about scoring a deal on that Instant Pot for your mother-in-law or laptop for your son. I’m referring to the gift of peace at this hectic time of year.

One way to do that is to slow down and stay present. It’s not always easy but it is simple. I learned this practice from my yoga instructor. After a particularly strenuous series of yoga moves, she would often ask us to stand up, take a deep breath, close our eyes, put our hand to our heart and catch the gift. It was a delicious 20 seconds or so of mindfulness and gratitude.

I began to wonder why I wasn’t “catching the gift” when I was off that yoga mat, in my day-to-day interactions. Since then, and especially at the holidays, I make a conscious effort to catch the gifts. It helps me enjoy better balance.

So, what gifts can you catch this month? It might be laughing with friends at a holiday party, decorating your famous cookies with the help of little ones, or marveling at a colorful light display in your neighborhood or botanical garden.

Take a deep breath, put your hand to your heart and catch the ultimate gift. It may be more precious than anything you’ll unwrap this year.


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