Face Your Fears

“When you are grateful,
fear disappears and abundance appears.”
~Tony Robbins~

With so much change and uncertainty in our lives, many of us have gotten used to being in fear. We fear 169what has happened and what could happen and what might never happen at all.  Fear can cloud our judgment, keep us from moving forward and create unnecessary stress on our minds and bodies.

I often remember the above advice from Tony Robbins and find that if I shift from fear to gratitude, the fear will dissipate. Both emotions cannot exist at the same time. Keeping a sense of humor helps, too.

Like most people, I once had a fear of public speaking and used a simple affirmation to overcome it.  You can see that video clip here.

One of the many gifts I receive from speaking is to tap into the vast wisdom of my audience. I presented “CRAVE Your Goals!” to a group of women job seekers. One woman shared a childhood ritual that has helped her be more positive and confident as an adult. Each morning, her mom would ask her to write down anything that scared her about that day–like the prospect of meeting new kids at school or an upcoming test. At the end of the day, they would look at that list and she would ask, “So, how did that go?” Most days, she realized there was nothing to be afraid of. Writing down your fears takes away most of its power. Try it!

When your back’s against the wall, how do you face your fears? 


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