Follow Your Dreams…and Trust in the Power of the Universe

Yesterday, I attended the annual Ladies Who Launch Live conference in Atlanta. It was an empowering day of connecting with successful women entrepreneurs and those who want to be, all with inspiring stories of following their dreams. Even though I’ve been a business owner for 20 years, I always learn something new at these kinds of gatherings and their comments often validate what I already know to be true.

Adrienne Simpson of Smooth Mooove Senior Relocation Services left the corporate world to start her business after recognizing the logistical and emotional challenges her aging mother faced during her move. Adrienne says the “secret sauce” that differentiates her moving company from most is compassion. Her workers start by hugging the clients when they come to their homes.

Elizabeth Gordon of Flourishing Business is a dynamic speaker and the author of “The Chic Entrepreneur.” She said she emphasizes her feminine attributes of style and resourcefulness to support the success of high-growth startups and sees it as a competitive edge for other women business owners.

Lesley Hatfield was a personal trainer out for a run with a client when she was inspired to produce a line of cool nightwear to ease the hot flashes of menopausal women. NiteSweatz is now sold in more than 450 outlets.

Laura Turner Seydel, daughter of CNN founder and media mogul Ted Turner, learned from an early age to conserve her resources. She and her siblings would collect empty bottles around Atlanta and use the deposit money for candy. As a volunteer environmental activist, she has served on boards and spearheaded campaigns to keep our air and water clean. Now, she’s using her passion and purpose to start a consulting firm so she can teach organizations and individuals how to go green.

Throughout the day, at a panel on the virtues of multi-tasking, a lively group discussion with Ladies Who Launch incubator graduates and various breakout sessions, there was a common theme. These successful entrepreneurs encouraged others to follow their intuition, use affirmations, pay attention to coincidences and trust in the power of the universe. Wise women.

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