Go Within or Go Without

The more I remember to go within, the more I am rewarded by the treasures I find there. It might be during meditation, spending quiet time in the garden or trusting my intuition. I am no longer surprised but always delighted by the creative ideas that flow and the gentle peace I feel knowing I am connected to my Divine Source and joyfully on purpose.

My friend, Debbie Barnett, a gifted yoga instructor, wrote and beautifully illustrated a sweet, little book called "The Deeper the Roots, the Juicier the Fruits! 8 Spiritual Practices for a Juicy Life." In it she shares that intentional deep breathing, journaling, chanting, gratitude, pursuing creative outlets like dancing, drawing and cooking, and other spiritual practices  support you "to live a life of meaning, purpose and greatness." It’s a quick read and one of those books you’ll refer to again and again.

What practice supports you to be your best?

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