How do you nurture your inner life?

A recent USA Today article, More Americans’ spiritual growth nurtured within, explores the trend of focusing on our inner lives "to cultivate balance and depth in an increasingly hectic, chaotic, 24/7 world."

To help us cope, we’re developing spiritual practices, such as meditation, communing with nature and even crafting. How do you (or will you) nurture your inner life?

3 thoughts on “How do you nurture your inner life?

  1. Laura Rodriguez Reply

    I just found this heartwarming, insightful blog so I apologize if I am behind the discussions.
    I agree that more Americans are becoming spiritually attuned. Unfortunately, I think we are still in the minority. And the number of those who really put that spirituality into practice in their daily life – in their interpersonal relationships, is probably smaller still! Yet, blogs like this one, because it’s clear and simply presented will likely help boost the numbers of spiritually enlightened people. Thank you, Tricia!

  2. Keith Moore Reply

    I myself have found that by following Jesus’ example of giving of myself to others has helped me grow to the point where I seek out ways to volunteer where I can be of the most value. I recently started helping out at a local rehabilitation center with disabled people who have been somewhat forgotten by society. I have also come to learn that it doesn’t take much love at all to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. Just a simple smile can work wonders in it’s self, I do however try and throw in a bit more with kind words of encouragement, which can also create a huge outcome in the way a person feels. I wouldn’t trade my little volunteer job for anything in this world. It not only helps others but it keeps me a very Humble Soul, for which I should be the one giving thanks for.

  3. Dr.Michelle Mollard Reply

    What a wonderful topic and question for this auspicious new year! I have made a resolution, but more importantly a vow to myself, to have more fun! as a way to nurture my InnerSelf. Since it is my truth that we are one with The One, and since The One is pure love and bliss, I approach my life from that truth. I relax and stay in the flow. I meditate, do affirmations, script and do breathwork/rebirthing. I see God in all things and in all people and know that All is Truly Well. These things warm my soul and turn up the volume on my inner light. Shine on!

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