How Have You Grown?

“Grow Through What You Go Through.” Words of wisdom from one of my favorite positive vibes companies, Life Is Good.

Tough times often put things in perspective and are opportunities to grow. During the pandemic, I’ve grown by continuing to clean out the clutter of unnecessary obligations, set priorities and honor boundaries.

When I strive for better balance, I focus on what really matters, like my family and the work I love.

As soon as it was safe to travel, my daughter Allyson and I flew up to New York to introduce my eight-month-old granddaughter, Haley Lorraine, to her GG (Great Grandmother), my mom, Lorraine. Making memories like this is one of my top priorities and why I’m passionate about promoting work-life balance.

How have you grown in the past year? Did you change directions in your career, pick up a good habit or drop a bad one, or learn a new skill? Did you start a new practice that has brought you closer to others, like nightly family dinners or weekly walks with friends?

As we emerge from the pandemic and out of survival mode, I hope you take the time to reflect on what you want to keep doing and what you choose to leave behind. Allow what you’ve gone through to make you better than ever!

Share how you’ve grown here. 


2 thoughts on “How Have You Grown?

  1. mimi Reply

    Ironically, spending even more time with my spouse of 50 years during the pandemic has been a positive experience for us. We’ve grown closer, laughed more, and had a lot of fun…just the two of us. Although I missed my friends–girlfriends are so important–I came to respect and appreciate my husband all the more.

    On the less sentimental side, I became comfortable with no makeup and my natural hair color!

    • Tricia Molloy Post authorReply

      I’ve had the same experience, Mimi! One of the gifts from this time. The only difference is I’m still getting my hair colored!

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