How I Kicked My Coke Habit with Universal Principles

Yes, I was addicted to coke. Actually, it was diet coke and I was a two-can-a-day junkie. Since I never drank coffee, it was my way to get a caffeine buzz in the morning and keep me going mid afternoon. I thought I needed it. However, my higher self kept telling me that soft drinks were an unhealthy habit I needed to quit.

So, I reached into my handy toolbox of universal principles. I set an intention and asked for support to make a clean break. First, I created an affirmation that helped me remember that my body craved water, not soda. “Water is my energy drink,” I would say to myself and anyone else who cared to listen. Then I visualized a glass of diet coke filled with dead bugs. Actually, that image just came to me once I set my intention and I would conjure it up each time I passed a vending machine and was tempted to drop my quarters in. At first I’d have one or two drinks a week and then weeks would go by without a soda fix. When I would have a sip, the thrill was gone. I’ve been clean for several weeks now and I feel good. My energy comes from eating right, exercising and finding reasons to laugh. I love my water and an occasional glass of pink grapefruit juice–my new healthy treat.

What change are you ready to make? Get to where you want to be faster by capitalizing on the power of universal principles. You can drink to that!

5 thoughts on “How I Kicked My Coke Habit with Universal Principles

  1. Rico Reyer Reply

    Nicely written and to the point. …..reminds us of what’s healthy and what’s a glass full of dead BUGS!….affirmations are us.

  2. Laura West Reply

    Oh….we are so much kindred spirits! I have a Coke habit too – full strength sugar! Twice a day – never drank coffee…yes, my excuse. I will forever be wondering if there are bugs in my can!! You might have to sell your solution!!

  3. Rick Reply

    i am totally addicted to any kind of fizzy drink i get serious withdralls if i dont have any even get headaches. i have never thought of using the LOA to help me through it i use it in every other situation in my life so may as well give it a go. thankyou for the insperation ill keep you posted on my progress!

  4. Earlsme Reply

    Great post; I’m going to share it with my personal trainer, who doesn’t allow fizzy drinks of any kind in his gym!

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