It Started with a Vision

Last year, my friends Kathleen Smith and Liz Ireland (center), shared their vision with me: to write a book about women who had extraordinary visions for their lives and to organize an event that would celebrate those visions and inspire participants to begin the journey of bringing their own visions to life. They wanted to know if I was interested. You bet!

Women of Vision: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives comes out in October. It features the stories of more than 30 women from around the world. It’s a privilege to be one of those women.

Last Saturday, we presented the first annual Women of Vision Forum: Creating Your Best Life! in Atlanta for more than 60 wise and wonderful women. Kathleen Ryan (center back) and speaker Deb Samuel (right) were also part of the organizing team. In addition to Deb and I, Laina Maxwell of The Power of Awareness was the other speaker. Three women of vision featured in the book, Becky Douglas of Rising Star Outreach, Margot Swann of Visions Anew and Desiree Scales of Bella Web Design, shared their inspiring stories in cameos throughout the program.

It was an amazing day! The visions women shared ranged from ideal health and balanced lives to starting their own businesses and buying family vacation homes. Some were as simple and profound as making a difference in the world and others admitted they wanted a vision to pursue but didn’t know what it was. They were assured that their vision would get clearer as they began to practice some of the strategies we recommended, like meditation, journaling, visualization, getting body, mind and heart aligned, and asking the universe for guidance. In our instant gratification society, we need to be reminded to have patience and trust in the process. We will be guided.

I trust that everyone who joined us for the forum will get clear on their vision and begin to take the steps to make it a reality. They will inspire others to own the extraordinary within them. They may very well be the subject of the next Women of Vision book and may present their story at the second annual Women of Vision Forum next year. Stay tuned!

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