Lesson Learned

Mistakes = More Data

I enjoyed time at the beach this summer with two of my favorite people, my children, Connor and Allyson. They’re 20 now and usually away at college so our rare time together is even sweeter these days.


Connor and Allyson are such good people that, even if I wasn’t their mom, I would hope we’d be friends.

Much of what I write and talk about I’ve tried out first on my own children. For example, the concept of “Lesson Learned,” which is one of the five steps I share to help you cultivate your attitude of gratitude.

Whenever they would make a mistake or do something wrong, whether it was failing to study for a test and getting a low grade or hanging out with the wrong kids and getting in trouble, I would ask them the lesson learned. This was a great teaching tool and it reduced (although not necessarily eliminated!) the chance that they’d do it again.

I think it also encouraged them to take more calculated risks, like applying for leadership roles in school and at work.

So, my question to you is: When you experience a setback or disappointment in your professional or personal life, do you look for the lesson learned? After all, mistakes are simply more data. 

What mistakes have you made that have resulted in the most valuable lessons?

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