Mindfulness Matters: What are you missing by being so “connected”?

I’ve had many conversations lately with family and friends about what we’re missing out on by being so “connected.” Perhaps you have, too.

Little, mindful steps can make a big difference in reconnecting on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Please take a few minutes to watch this poignant video and share your thoughts below.

Then, go out and have some face-to-face time with someone who matters to you!

Thanks to speaking business coach Jane Atkinson for sharing this with me.

6 thoughts on “Mindfulness Matters: What are you missing by being so “connected”?

  1. Janie C Rhone Reply

    This is absolutely timely and much needed. I think our world is quickly moving passed us. We are all so connected…but to what? Most of the time we are unaware of whats going on around us…until there is a real crisis and we wonder how we missed it. I would love to share this …. with your permission..

    I enjoy your blog! Keep up the good work.

    • Tricia Molloy Post authorReply

      Thanks, Janie! Please share this and let me know what it inspires you to do. My husband and I decided to help coordinate an early spring pot-luck block party to get to know our neighbors better.

  2. Penny Vogt Reply

    I had actually seen this video clip on TV the other night — and it impacted me then as it did today when I viewed it again.

    I’ve made dinner a time of reconnecting with my family – even when I got divorced and my oldest son went to college, I made sure that my youngest and I sat down for dinner every night together. It is the most important time of the day for a family – no matter the size.

    It’s also important to connect with human beings every day — so when standing in line at a store, I find it so rude when people are on their phones. This is human interaction people — even if its minimal. Make those you come in contact with feel important.

    Thanks Tricia for the reminder for us all to disconnect — so we can reconnect! 🙂

    • Tricia Molloy Post authorReply

      Yes, Penny, such a simple practice of dinner together can make a big difference. When I’m out and about running errands, I try to make “small talk” with people on line. Most are so delighted that I think it might be their only real connection of the day. I hope they are “paying it forward” with their own random connections.

  3. Karol McCloskey Reply

    Hi Tricia, your friend is so right about eating together. Growing up, my family always ate supper together and Sunday dinner too. It wasn’t easy and sometimes with Boy Scouts, band and all that, we had supper at odd hours. That’s when we all connected and the jokes were many and so are the memories. I’ve managed to keep that tradition alive in my home and I believe when our son has his family, he’ll keep the tradition going. If family doesn’t have your back, who does? K

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