Polish Up That Crystal Ball

One of the best ways to break through the fear and lack that confines us today is to let our imaginations run wild. What does your ideal day, week, month, year or life look like? What are you doing and how does that feel? Polish up that crystal ball and see a future that is bright and beautiful.

That’s what my wise friend and former marketing client Mike Arasin did. He was inspired by one of the 64 strategies in Jack Canfield’s book, “The Success Principles.” Mike’s Atlanta-based company, Fulcrum Construction, has 24 employees with annual revenues of $35 million. His commercial construction clients include HH Gregg and Dick’s Sporting Goods. To celebrate five years in business, Mike asked his employees to look ahead five years to 2014 and predict where they and the company would be.

At a Saturday afternoon workshop, employees displayed colorful posters that highlighted their personal and professional accomplishments. Mike’s poster included a “newspaper article” he wrote that announced he won the Georgia Mid-Amateur Golf Championship. It included a picture of the coveted trophy. “That’s a goal I’ve had for a long time,” he said with a smile. Everyone got into it as they acted “as if.” One worker in Phoenix printed up business cards proclaiming he was the senior superintendent of the company’s western division. A video crew captured the excitement of this empowering exercise.

At a dinner that night, the company received a series of prestigious industry awards–ones they expect to win over the next five years. They watched video clips from that afternoon’s workshop. “There was a lot of laughter,” Mike said. “This is a great company and we’ve always done well. We keep a positive attitude. However, there’s so much bad news out there now. This helped remind us that we can choose to focus on the bad news or we can look ahead with excitement.”

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  1. Elizabeth Fairleigh Reply

    I had the good fortune of having a crystal ball experience early on in my career – I was stuck in a dead end job and began to envision myself in my ideal job. For three months I dreamed about this new job, one where I was surrounded by high energy people, given tons of autonomy and authority and a healthy paycheck. In addition to dreaming about it, I wrote about it in a journal every evening – what my day was like, what I wore, what I did that day, etc. as if it were my reality — Three months later my dream job did become reality, right down to the penny. Gives me chills to think about it!!

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