Reunion Update: Living On Purpose

Saturday’s 30th high school reunion was a small gathering but most of my old girlfriends were there so it was definitely worth the trip.

I noticed as we each caught up on family and work that the ones who seemed most content and joyful were those who were living on purpose. One fine example is my dearest high school friend, Jeannette (pictured). I remember her fondly during our high school years as being the “go to” girl for hair and makeup advice.  She was the one to work her magic on you before any special event.

For the last 17 years, this former executive secretary has focused on raising her son and daughter in Phoenix. At the loving encouragement of her husband, she headed back to school 15 months ago and is a few weeks shy of her cosmetology license. She plans to eventually open an upscale salon out West or somewhere back East. She’s on purpose and looking forward to this new entrepreneurial career as the kids head off to college.

I hope you’ve discovered your purpose and are living it every day.

2 thoughts on “Reunion Update: Living On Purpose

  1. Jeannette Reply

    It was so good to see you last Saturday. It brought back such great memories of the old days. I’m quite thrilled to be on your blog! I’ll be in touch soon.

  2. Kathleen Smith Reply

    Wow Tricia! My 30th reunion would have been last year, but we stopped having them after 20. I’ve heard several reasons why, but it comes down to not enough interest. My best friend, Sharon, in high school and I attempted to generate interest, but could not get the records from the last reunion. We then thought about an online reunion resource, but realized what you did, that if only a few of us are interested and we all happenned to be friends, then we’ll just have our own update get together. That is what we’re doing in a very special way.
    And, Sharon and I decided to spend Christmas together last year; I flew to DC where she now lives and we have a grand time catching up. Now we’re planning that “catch up” get together, a 50th bday celebration…in Europe for us and a few close school friends. We all are facing the big birthday together; how wonderful to celebrate together 32 years later, maybe in the south of France using the minimal french we remember from those classes in high school.
    Who needs a high school reunion to renew old friends?

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