Run for Your Life

I grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and was back home visiting family this past weekend. Each year, the runners in the New York City Marathon begin in Staten Island, cross over the Verrazano Bridge and head through my old neighborhood on their way to Queens, the Bronx and, finally, to Central Park in Manhattan. It’s a 26.2-mile journey.

On that sunny Sunday morning, my mom, son Connor and I leisurely walked the two blocks to stand on the sidelines of 4th Avenue and cheer on the runners. First came the wheelchair participants on high-tech recumbant arm-powered bikes. Then, the elite female runners, the elite male runners and then the rest of the more than 38,000.  Yes, 38,000.

As I watched the smiling faces whizz by (they had miles to go before they would begin to hit the infamous “wall” and get their second wind), I was inspired to think how much time and energy goes into becoming a marathoner. Some, I’m sure, have run all their lives and for others, this was their first major race. What prompted them to make that commitment, to find the time to train and the courage to compete? I felt their energy, their pride, their joy. They were so alive.

We may not be destined to run marathons but we all have events and challenges in our lives that make us feel completely alive. For me, it’s when I’m presenting a Working with Wisdom program and seeing those “light bulbs” go off as members of that audience smile and nod with recognition as they have their “aha!” moments. Personally, it’s when I’m playing with my family at the beach or reading an enlightening book or listening to inspiring music.

When do you feel most alive?

2 thoughts on “Run for Your Life

  1. Jane Ullom Reply

    Your weekly insights keep me feeling alive so I thought I’d share what came to me after reading this week’s marathon entry.
    At Work: when a woman puts on one of our outfits and knows she looks fabulous.
    Personal: when I’m doing ANYTHING with my family, or when I’m helping a friend. Jane

  2. Keith Moore Reply

    This is something that is going to be easy to share with my fellow brothers and sisters. What makes me feel alive is the Source of life it’self and the quiet & personal time I spend going deep inside of my inner self and spending time with God’s very Spirit. To be alone with Spirit, the very “being” of God Himself. I get up very, very early every day and do several different Bible meditation’s to get in the mode, so I can approach God’s presence with my full undivided attention. There’s nothing better than knowing for sure that God is sitting right there with you. We all may know that He loves us, but to actually feel Him in the same room is indescribable, it’s a positive feeling of the goodness of being loved and protected. I couldn’t imagine living one day without this ritual that I am eager to get to every morning. The reason for the earliness, is because there are absolutely no distractions from the outside world and the quality of the relationship with Spirit is awesome. It takes away all of the confusion of everyday life and puts me in a place of total solitude, peace & harmony. I’ve been doing this for many years and it has put me in a place that erases all of the negative that might confront me in the waking hours that soon come when this world awakes. There are times when I wish that the sun would just wait a little bit longer before it rises, knowing that there could be a challenging force ahead for that day. There’s nothing more soothing and reassuring than my private time with God and once you start connecting with Him, your life will change and keep growing for all Good, no matter what the day has in-store. Namaste

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