Stressed at Work? Here’s Help!


Stress at work and home has been at an all-time high lately. It’s easy to consider this feeling as normal. But it’s not and it’s hurting you.

You may be less focused and productive, and more likely to get annoyed at clients, coworkers and your boss. You feel tired and achy and out of sorts. Although we can’t always control what happens to us–from growing responsibilities at work to a dwindling portfolio–we can control how we respond.

You know what you should do, like eating right, drinking lots of water, exercising, being around positive people and taking time to play. Here are three more ways to alleviate stress in your life without even leaving your office.

1) Take a nature break. Got ten minutes to spare? Go to and choose your environment, from a forest or winter wonderland to space or the Zen room. The music, sounds and images will take you away and bring you back more relaxed and centered.

2) Breathe. One of the best things I learned from my yoga practice is alternate breathing. It helps balance both sides of the brain and charges it with extra oxygen so you can think clearer. With one hand, simply cover one nostril with your thumb and inhale deep through the other nostril. Then, close the other nostril with your next two fingers and exhale through the open nostril. Inhale through the same nostril and repeat. After a few times, you’ll feel energized. You just might not need that coffee break after all.

3) Control your environment. Whenever possible, design your work environment to be stress free. I burn lavender and eucalyptus candles at my home office. You can get the same scentual effect from potpourri or a scented bar of soap. Surround yourself with your favorite music and pleasant images like family photos and nature scenes. And, remember to clean out the clutter that distracts you and drains your energy. Learn about Feng Shui to create more balance and harmony in your office and home.

Got a stress relief strategy that works for you? Please share it.

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  1. Michelle Reply

    Hi Tricia, Great ideas! Esp. like the link to Lime — and that you can download to iTunes. Here’s my tip:
    *Start each day (preferably before entering your office) by setting a clear intention for the day. For example:”Today I intend to bring a sense of gratitude to my work” or “Today I will bring peace to others who are troubled.” There is something about setting our intentions that can be both empowering and stress-relieving.

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