The Answers Are All Inside


It’s wise to remember that the same awe-inspiring infinite intelligence of the universe that creates each unique, intricate snowflake is also ready to guide us to our highest good.

All we have to do is go inside and:

      • Ask. Pose a question before meditation, during a quiet walk or just before you fall asleep. It could be as simple as, “What do I need to know right now?”


      • Listen. Your guidance could come as a still, small voice in your head, disguised as a friend’s comment, a synchronicity or coincidence, or perhaps an image. When I was writing “Divine Wisdom at Work,” I fell into the trap of many new authors. I began to doubt myself. I remember thinking, “Who am I to write this book? Would anyone–besides my immediate family and friends–actually buy it? Could it really be the catalyst for a whole new speaking and mentoring career?” The universe heard my questions and I began to see this image in my head of a waiting room full of people. Each one was looking up at me and tapping their toes, shrugging their shoulders and pointing to their watches. “What is this?” I wondered. The message was clear: “Get your fear and ego out of the way, Tricia. People are waiting for your book.” Once I got over the hump, completed my book and sent it to the printer, the image changed. I saw those same people in the same waiting room but this time they were flipping through my book and smiling and nodding and a few were even giving me the “thumbs up.” I smiled, too. That’s how the universe might speak to you.


      • Trust. We live in a world of instant gratification. Don’t give up just because the guidance doesn’t come immediately. It often takes time. Be patient and be flexible. The message you receive may not be what you expected but it may be just what you needed. When we let go of the details and the illusion of control, when we release our own expectations, that’s when miracles happen. This or something better. And so it is.


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