The Resolution Alternative, Step 1: Celebrate Your Successes

Did you make resolutions this year and already break them? I recently introduced you to “The Resolution Alternative,” which capitalizes on your own wisdom and the power of your subconscious to help you achieve your goals. If you missed it or want to review it again, click here.

The first step in this three-step process is to celebrate your 2008 successes. I invited you to make a list of all you accomplished personally and professionally last year and don’t stop until you have at least 25. I got up to 43.

Until I did this exercise, I had forgotten some significant achievements. It also reminded me of several ventures I began last year, like a new website, that need my focus now to see it to fruition. My success list helped me appreciate how far I’ve come professionally (I did a record number of speaking engagements) and personally (I gave up soft drinks) and gave me the confidence to know there’s so much more I can do. I celebrated by spending a week playing in New York City.

What did you learn by listing and celebrating your own successes?

I’m now on to Step 2: affirmative journaling about this new year. I hope you’ll join me and share your experience to inspire others.

2 thoughts on “The Resolution Alternative, Step 1: Celebrate Your Successes

  1. Mimi Schroeder Reply

    I love your Resolution Alternative; I’m reading it every morning. It keeps me focused on the future and on the positive, without having to complete another “to do” list. Thank you for sharing this inspiring bit of wisdom.

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