Three Sure-Fire Ways to Solve the Energy Crisis

No, I’m not talking about alternative fuels or carpooling. This is about your energy crisis.

Being bombarded by bad news every day is exhausting.  The stress distracts us from what’s most important and often immobilizes us.

Here are three simple ways to get back on track and regain our precious energy.

1) Move. When we’re in fear, our primal, unhealthy response is “Fight or Flight.” By moving, we disengage that instinct and return to a more peaceful state. So, get to the gym, walk around the office or your neighborhood or, at the least, stretch at your desk. You’ll feel better, and think clearer.

2) Stay Present. It’s hard not to focus on the past (“If I only had pulled my investments from the stock market last year.”) and the future (“Will we lose our home, our jobs, our…?). By being mindful, we focus on the only moment that we have control over–the present. When you catch yourself in worry and fear over yesterday or tomorrow, simply say, “Right now I am ____________.” Author Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D., wrote, “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joys.”


3) Play. Play? How can we consider playing or laughing or having fun at a time like this? I hear you. And I say you can’t afford not to play. Whether it’s a sport, a board game or a creative hobby like painting or pottery, engaging in play–especially with others–puts things into perspective. Belly laughs release feel-good endorphins. And that enhances your problem-solving skills. When I’m feeling burned out and blue, I’ll watch a few episodes of “The Office” read insightful cartoons from The New Yorker magazine and play with my joyful golden retriever, Honey. It works every time.

Also, limit your news intake, count your blessings and be open to receive guidance during these troubling times.

How do you solve your energy crisis?


2 thoughts on “Three Sure-Fire Ways to Solve the Energy Crisis

  1. Malcolm R. Campbell Reply

    I like your suggestions: such approaches bring us into the moment where (contrary to our suppositions) we always are.
    I have also found that certain books will help me derail any tendencies toward depression and general moping. Poetry helps me as do passages in my favorite novels.

  2. Desiree Scales Reply

    I love that you included play. We just bought a new kitten. I think it was the best thing for our family during this crazy time. I’ve never heard my girls laugh so hard while playing with her. What a better time to bring a little joyous kitten into our lives?

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