Three Ways to Bring More Wisdom to Your Work


wisdomKnowledge is a commodity. We all have access to knowledge. Making wise decisions with this knowledge will lead to our success and ultimate satisfaction in life.

Wisdom is defined as insight and the ability to discern what is true, right or lasting. The rise of our wisdom consciousness is reflected in the current focus on sustainability and the growth of environmentally conscious businesses. It’s also reflected in the backlash against technology as wise workers recognize that it’s not always in our best interests to be the fastest to perform a task or allowing 24/7 access. 

We are living creatures, not computers, and we need to reflect and re-energize. We require the time and space to tap into our inner guidance system for information and inspiration. It’s common sense. It’s wise.

So, how can you bring more wisdom to your work? Here are three ways.

  1. Tap into your wisdom.
    Employ proven practices like meditation, trusting your intuition and paying attention to dreams to solve problems, boost creativity and make wise choices. Confucius advised, “By three methods we may learn wisdom: first by reflection, which is noblest; second by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is the most bitter.” Take time to reflect.
  2. Focus on what matters. Distractions can often be mistaken for opportunities and much of what we fear never materializes. Every day, we are seduced by bad news, superfluous interactions on social media sites, and the latest gizmos and gadgets. Just because you can participate, doesn’t mean you should. When you get sidetracked on your road to success, save your precious time and energy by simply asking yourself if this detour really matters.
  3. Emulate wise qualities. According to The Talmud, “The highest form of wisdom is kindness.” Whenever you can, express genuine compassion, concern and appreciation for your coworkers, employees, clients, vendors and associates. By doing so, you will inspire them to do the same.

How do you express your wisdom? 

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