Time to Grow

Ever since I began writing my Working with Wisdom blog posts/newsletters back in 2007, I always strove to be inclusive. Not today.

That’s because this pandemic is impacting us in different ways. So, if you’re working harder and longer than you ever have and/or are caring for children and preparing for the challenges of home schooling, or in job-search mode, you certainly have less time than usual. Check out my blog archive to find another bit of inspiration today. 

This is for the rest of us. You might be working less or at least working from home and not commuting/traveling, or are currently furloughed or retired. This period in our lives has given us the precious gift of time. Time to reflect, time to prioritize and time to grow.

So, how will you use this gift? Will you clean out an area of clutter in your life, finally write that book, relax and recharge in nature, or capitalize on the wealth of virtual programs to motivate you? I subscribed to MasterClass this year and am enjoying inspiring programs like Spanx founder Sara Blakely’s candid online course on entrepreneurship. 

Here are some other examples to get you started.  


Share what you’re doing here. Take care and stay safe as you grow!


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