What Are Your “Three Little Words”?

In my June Working with Wisdom e-newsletter, I wrote about the power of simple affirmations. Just three little words that can help you stay positive, focused and productive. Words like “Life is good,” “Let it go,” “I am blessed,” and All is well.” I invited readers to share their three little words and inspire others.

For Janice Hoffman, it’s “Roll with it.” She says, “I love the Steve Winwood song that starts, ‘When life is too much, roll with it baby.’ It reminds me not to sweat the small stuff, be more flexible and enjoy life.”

Elaine McEachern says she uses four words that get her through stressful times, “God, please help me.”

My mom, who had been complaining about aches and pains lately, took my advice and now wakes up each morning and shouts (in her best James Brown), “I feel good!” She said it’s made a big difference for her.

Mimi Schroeder says her affirmation is “Gammie did it!” and explains, “In 1939, my grandmother, Ida O’Shaughnessy (Gammie) was widowed in her 30s with four children and one on the way. Her husband just dropped dead from a rare disease. There was no warning. They had a Minnesota dairy farm (brr) that she now had to manage herslf. My dad, William, (pictured) was the oldest at age 12 and he delivered milk by horsecart. He never missed a day, even when his dad died. Gammie successfully ran that dairy farm, through hard times like the pre-war days, until all the kids were grown. That’s strength. I try to follow in her footsteps.”

What are your “three little words”?

2 thoughts on “What Are Your “Three Little Words”?

  1. Lya Sorano Reply

    Tricia, my “three little words” are . . . . I can do it! O.K., so it’s four words. 🙂
    I’ve used them often, in all sorts of situations, and they work very well for me – and for my clients.

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