What Makes You Joyful?

On New Year’s Eve Day, my 14-year-old twins, Connor and Allyson, and I were gliding across the ice skating rink in Central Park. The air was cold and crisp, the trees surrounding the rink were laced with snow and we were all giggling with delight. Pure joy!

We could all use more of those magic moments. As the world and our lives get more complex and worrisome, it’s easy to lose perspective. With so much on our “to do” list, sometimes we need to plan for joy.

So, get out your calendar and ask yourself this simple question: “What makes me joyful?” Spending time with a special friend? Running? Bowling? Ping pong? Crafting? Baking? Singing? Dancing? Sitting in the silence? Reading a juicy novel? Playing with your dog? Walking in the woods? Watching a favorite comedy? Writing in your gratitude journal? Make a list of all you can think of and then start adding them to your calendar. You can always find room for more joy in your life.

2 thoughts on “What Makes You Joyful?

  1. mvalverde Reply

    Great idea! I just rode my scooter on a brisk, but sunny day and remember why I decided to buy it last year. Because it brings me joy to ride it. I have to remind myself that joy is a minute to minute choice too and that no one else can cause me to experience it. What a lovely gift to give myself 🙂

  2. Tricia Molloy Reply

    Riding a scooter on a sunny day sounds like a great way to stay joyful. Now that you’ve read my book, what other choices are you making?

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