What Spiritual Practice Supports Your Success at Work?

On LinkedIn, I recently asked "What spiritual practice supports your success at work?" I heard from
enlightened professionals within my network and others I did not know.

Here are a few excerpts:

"Work, like life, is dynamic and ever changing. Many people are off in the future, the past, and very few are right here, right now. Being present requires attention, and attention brings focus, and focus leads to awareness."

"I will often "create my day," seeing the day unfold in a way that supports me and my business. I've been amazed at how effective it has been."

"I personally have used Silva Method (previously called Silva Mind Control) for the last 11 years to positively channel all thoughts and visualize events before they happen."

"While I indeed do meditate every morning and ask for guidance for the day… I believe the most important Spiritual Practice I have allowed in, is surrendering the outcome and having faith that I do not have to control a situation."

Thanks to all who shared their wisdom. You can read all the responses here. Post your practice on this blog and inspire others.

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